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Kelly Misa-Fernandez: Above All, Patience

Host and lifestyle blogger Kelly Misa-Fernandez shares how she passed the test of patience with flying colors. 

“These past two years have been challenging to say the least, not just in terms of having to physically stay home, but dealing with mental health issues brought about by this pandemic. Thankfully our home life has been rather good,” shares model and social media personality Kelly Misa. The mother of six-year-old Tristan add that the past months have given her the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of bonding experiences, be it doing chores or doing fun activities together

Patience with other Institutes

One of the toughest challenges, however, was navigating the online classroom setup. “Homeschooling is really a test of patience for any parent,” she says. “Most of us don’t have the gift of teaching, so having to become tutors or teachers has really taught us so much about ourselves.” Like many pandemic parents, she and her husband Carlos had to be more hands-on with their child’s education. It was initially hard for both parents. Through time, they were able to develop an efficient and effective work dynamic.

“I’ve learned from teaching my six-year-old son that through repetition, he can learn anything. It takes time, but with enough patience, he will be able to grasp any concept. So, when it comes to his work, I try to introduce a concept slowly, apply it to our everyday life, and continue with more exercises. That’s how I taught him how to add and subtract and how he’s improved with his grammar,” Kelly explains.

Learning patience with oneself

The mom and host of ANC’s Trending with Kelly has also gone through her own crash course of sorts. Through drastic transitions of 2020, she’s learned to be patient with herself—taking the time to acknowledge and process new situations without rushing or judgment. She muses, “Uncertainty is such a hard thing to deal with, but eventually, I learned to deal with the situation day by day. I learned to live simply, value my relationships and work, and deal with things within my grasp. Each day is a learning experience for me, and I’m still learning as each day goes by.”

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