Pass Quarantine Away with the New Webtoon x BTS collab!

A new webtoon comic known as the Webtoon x BTS is here to help us pass the time!

Yes, ARMY moms and kids, you’ve heard right — the BTS boys have a webtoon for us to enjoy! The Webtoon x BTS collaboration is a compilation of our faves’ adventures of the supernatural, snippets of them practicing, and filled with photos of them in all their good angles. The best part is, it’s all compiled in the Webtoon app which makes it easier for us to subscribe and follow.

What are Webtoons?

Webtoons are either original stories or fanfictions made by a variety of independent authors. We usually read them on the phone and they cover a variety of genres like romance, slice of life, etc. Unlike mangas (Japanese comics), they focus on more light-hearted and wholesome content since the majority of their readers prefer something easy to digest. Just like the latest Webtoon x BTS collaboration!

What’s the Webtoon x BTS collaboration about?

Currently, it’s a bit too early to tell. But based on the first 7 chapters, they’re still gathering and introducing our BTS biases to the readers. The boys are seen walking towards a strange, magical green light that transports them somewhere. These short snippets are actually serving as a teaser for another BTS content bomb: the 7FATES: CHAKHO with BTS playing the main characters which might be coming out on January 15, 2022! The story will be going into a more supernatural genre which is something we’re all looking forward to reading with our ARMY kids!

Where can we read the Webtoon x BTS collaboration?

To read the teaser, Webtoon x BTS, while waiting for 7FATES: CHAKHO, you can download the Webtoon app on your phone. They’re available in both the Google Playstore and the Apple Store. Don’t worry, it’s free. There’s nothing to pay for until you get extremely invested in a story. You can also find other stories that your teens and young adults may like if they’re looking for something light and easy to read.

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