6 Life Lessons Our Kids Learn From BTS

As parents, it may take us awhile to understand our kids’ love for BTS but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the lessons they teach them.

When our kids have idols, we’re scared that they might be bad influences on them especially when we see that their love looks a bit overkill. But truthfully, the only problems you might have (as a parent) is getting struck with Last Song Syndrome (LSS) with a BTS song because they sing it often in the house or managing their expectations in being able to go out to the BTS pop-up shop or buying them their chicken nuggies. It’s a lot better than a bunch of meme songs, especially when BTS’ interviews and songs have wholesome lessons to teach which we all saw in this proud dad’s post:

1. You have your own pace

As parents, we sometimes fear that our kids will be “left behind” especially because of this pandemic. To allay our fears, we try many things such as enrolling them in so many summer online classes and become harsher with our demands to the point we burn ourselves out. In the words of BTS’ English translation of the chorus of Paradise, “It’s alright to stop. Don’t run without knowing why. It’s alright to not have a dream if you have moments of happiness for a while.” Kids have different paces and they know they’ll get there. We just have to trust them.

2. When there’s love, there should be a safe space.

When we love our kids, we want them to know they have a safe space with us especially when they do something wrong. We don’t want them to think they’re going to be punished further when they’re already feeling bad. When BTS wrote the song Magic Shop, they wanted the ARMY to know that no matter what happens, they’ll have a safe space with them and vice versa. The Magic Shop is a place where there is no judgment, no harsh words — just pure unconditional love and acceptance which is something we’re more than capable of providing!

3. Crying doesn’t mean you’re weak!

We’re often afraid to admit that we’ve cried and we’re quick to scold our kids when they cry. But crying’s supposed to be a normal thing. Even BTS when they were asked when was the last time they cried, SUGA just casually responded, “I cried 2 hours ago when I yawned. Is crying a big deal? Tears can come out just like that.” While we often associated crying with weakness, BTS showed your kids that crying is normal especially if it’s just because of a yawn.

4. We are not alone

At any point in their lives, kids will have to deal with bullies. Whether its online or face-to-face, there will always be someone who’s either mean to them or doesn’t like them. But that doesn’t mean the whole world hates them. They know they’re not alone from BTS’ song 2! 3!. As the words fall like water off their back, they know that they still have friends in the ARMY or their own set of friends they can count on.

5. Self-love is not wrong!

We often confuse self-love as an act of being selfish. But BTS’ lead singer RM refutes that in saying, “True love first begins with loving myself.” During their speech in the UN, he mentions not only BTS’ involvement in UNICEF’s End Violence campaign but also urges the people around the world to take that “one more step”. Loving oneself is not just about caring for yourself in silence but also speaking up for ourselves, especially when our boundaries have been crossed.

6. Just do it!

Shia LeBoeuf’s Just Do It! Meme just got replaced BTS’ latest single: Permission to Dance. They don’t need to ask anybody for a good groove, especially when the heart’s just full of the love they’ve been spreading and receiving from the ARMY. While we sometimes find it silly when our kids dance without music or with really soft music, sometimes it’s best just to let the joy drive them to dance. Let them dance their hearts out and enjoy the groove of the day to the fullest!

BTS is a good example for our kids.

While some of us may not be K-Pop fans, we can’t deny that BTS has been a force of good for our kids. Some of these concepts such as setting boundaries, speaking up, and self-love might seem a little foreign when said but they’re actually something kids need as they slowly grow up. In a world that’s filled with misinformation, bigotry, and a mess, BTS and the ARMY are here to make sure that the world gets better — one fan at a time.

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