Should You Let Your Kids Try The McDonald’s BTS Meal? We Say Yes!

Modern Parenting approves this meal and so should you

It’s no secret that the moms of Modern Parenting are ARMY — well, new ARMY, after writing our Tita’s Ultimate Guide to BTS. And there’s a good reason why: they make us so darn happy!

Photography: @mcdonalds via Instagram

Whether it’s those head bopping-worthy songs, that fab hair, super wholesome personalities — not to mention those designer duds that we wish we could rock, there’s a million reasons to stan BTS. Today, the day many BTS fans have been waiting for, marks the launch of McDonald’s BTS Meal!

What makes this meal so epic?

Photography: @mcdonalds via Instagram

“But it’s just chicken nuggets, fries and soda!”

Sure, for a non-ARMY, it might just be that. But for everyone else who’s turning purple over this amazing collab, it’s so much more. The meal comes with two new dipping sauces — sweet chilli and cajun flavors — inspired by McDonald’s South Korea recipes. The dipping sauces feature different levels of heat, perfect for kids who can’t take spice.

But according to ARMY, it’s not even about the meal itself. It’s the merch that makes it so special. Yup, it’s that pretty pink and purple packaging and BTS logo that people can’t get enough of. And yes, the fact that it’s endorsed by the Bangtan Boys themselves. In fact, some have turned the McDonald’s BTS merch into works of art:

Photography: @akiden82 via Instagram

So, should you get it for your kids?

Here’s our take on it: if you’re going to let your kids eat fast food, the McDonald’s BTS Signature Meal isn’t the unhealthiest one out there. Plus, if it brings them closer to their biases, why not?

We all had our obsessions when we were younger, and we totally approve the wholesomeness of the BTS boys. And truthfully, with all the bad news that’s been going around, and kids barely allowed to do anything, this fresh breath of positivity and good vibes might just be what everyone needs.

The BTS Signature Meal should set you back P260, excluding delivery fees. It’s readily available in Metro Manila, whether via dine-in, take-out, drive-thru or delivery.

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