These BTS ASMR Study Videos Could Help Your Teens Do Better In School

Who better to motivate your ARMY teen than the BTS boys?

When it comes to getting our ARMY teens to focus on their homework, we think nobody does it better than the BTS guys. After all, what’s better motivation to do well than seeing your bias (aka the BTS guy you’ve got a crush on) doing the same thing as you?

Which is why when our resident ARMY Emina Sotto introduced these BTS ASMR study videos to us, we were psyched! What. a. great. idea…

What is ASMR?

ASMR or autonomous sensory meridian response is that brain tingling sensation people just can’t get enough of. Yup, you get it from watching those foodie videos with those crunching sounds or from actual ASMR videos with tapping, crinkling and brushing.

And here’s the thing, studies show that people who feel ASMR sensations report high levels of excitement and calmness while watching the videos. For a stressed out teen who’s nervous about their upcoming exams, its perfect!

What are the videos like?

Yup, it’s basically four hours of the BTS guys focusing with background noise and static to make it seem like they’re studying with you “on Zoom”. The video above starts out with piano music playing in the background then transitions to an ASMR of an iPad and Apple pencil. You can pick any background noise you want, even raindrops or a crackling fireplace. Plus, there’s even a “break” at 1 hour where you can hear the BTS guys “messaging” each other. So cute!

Does it work?

Online learning has brought on a whole new meaning to school, making it easier for students to feel lonely. “BTS always makes it a point to remind their fans and others that they’re always there for them,” says Emina. “It’s comforting to have them around “on Zoom” even if it isn’t real.

Photography: @bts_bighit via Twitter

Gabbie Posadas, a 2nd year law student and avid BTS ASMR study video user had this to say: “It helps me focus because just seeing BTS “working” gives me the impression they’re studying too, which inspires me to keep on studying. Plus, they make me happy!”

Whether they work on your teen or not, it’s definitely worth a try. And yes, it’s also a great way to get some extra BTS fangirling in. Tell us how it goes!

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