5 Reasons Why We Moms Love BTS’ Instagrams

Here are our 5 top reasons why we ARMY moms love BTS’ new Instagram accounts and why we are living for it

We love BTS and truly believe in their message about loving oneself to giving love to others. YouTube’s usually where we go for their music and their interviews. But now, BTS has their own Instagrams! With their own IG handles, we have a chance to see more of our BTS biases learn more about their campaigns too and get up close and personal with them. But what are the reasons why we love the fact that they have personal Instagrams? Here are our top 5 reasons why.

1. No more ads!

Although ads help BTS make money on YouTube, it can get quite annoying when we just want to enjoy them and not some ad jingle. When we need to take a trip to the Magic Shop, we’re forced to sit through pop ups for the next 10 i the middle of all the hype. It kinda ruins the moment especially when we’re so into the mood.

2. We can follow our biases!

Since all 7 BTS members launched their own IG accounts, we are able follow our biases directly. It’s a chance to get to know them better. We get to see what they see through their phone camera lenses and get to know their thoughts. We love all of them but we still have our biases. We’ll real time updates straight from them, like how RM is a nature-loving leader with a knack for photography. And that he appreciates J-Hope’s tribute to the fans with his username: @uarmyhope.

3. Supporting them as they take a break

Since they’re taking a break from touring, BTS’ personal IGs will let us continue supporting them. Whether it’s with their latest hobbies or just seeing new places through their eyes, following their IG ought to break the toxicity we’ve been getting on social media. Whether it’s Jimin changing up his fashion or V posting some gorgeous visuals, we’ll always appreciate a post or two or two from our beloved Bangtan boys. Plus, we can send them DMs hoping they’ll at least see it so the know how much we love them.

4. Inspiration for our own IGs

IG’s all about curating good photos and with V posting as @thv or RM as @rkive, we’re bound to find a lot of inspiration for our own reels. We love knowing what they’re up to and what they’re thinking. It’s like getting a sneak peek into their lives in real time. Granted that our still being in lockdown might limit our choices, that doesn’t mean we won’t keep it in the archives as possible pegs.

5. Something to bond with our kids over

Our kids probably heard the news of BTS’ members having personal Instagrams way before us, considering how wired they are. They’ll probably want to talk about and share their biases’ personal IGs with us. Especially if we’re newly entering the ARMY, their personal IGs might be a good place to start to learn about each member. Like the saying goes, “When in Rome, do what the Romans do.”

Share the BTS love through their personal IGs!

It hasn’t even been long and they’re already making social media history. In just 24 hours, each member gained millions of followers making theirs the fastest growing IG accounts. But that’s just how loved BTS is. A lot of times, we get tired of curated posts, theirs is raw and real. They show that even K-Pop idols are humans just like we are. If you’re planning to follow them, here are the links to their IG accounts:

Enjoy the reels!

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