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6 BTS Christmas Songs ARMY Families Will Love

ARMY moms and kids, here are some Christmas songs by BTS to fill our holidays with love and cheer.

No K-Pop holiday celebration will be complete without BTS Christmas songs playing through the speakers of our houses. After they hyped us up with their Christmas Preview, there’s no way our kids or even us would not want to celebrate with them by playing their songs. The challenge lies in mixing the songs. Which songs work best with our Christmas decor and food at home? So, we’ve found a few BTS Christmas songs for our festive K-Pop Christmas.

1. Mistletoe (Christmas Day) – Jimin and Jungkook

Originally sung by Justin Bieber, Jimin and Jungkook do a wonderful, upbeat duet version of Mistletoe. And if we’re familiar with the English version of the song, we can only imagine this duo singing it to us. The song doesn’t only serve as a cheery Christmas tune, it works perfectly for a romantic Christmas dinner. If your teen wants to create a romantic Christmas dinner for their partners or if you want one with your partner then, this BTS Christmas song’s perfect.

2. Christmas Love – Jimin

We imagine Christmas being a time of love and innocence which Jimin perfectly captures in the song. He declares his love for Christmas as he recaps some of the things he enjoys about the holiday. The upbeat and cheery approach of Jimin’s song kind of reminds us how as kids, we always waited for Christmas day. Whether it’s for the gift, the free food, or just being able to play with family, Jimin’s Christmas Love is a must-add to our BTS Christmas song playlist.

3. Perfect Christmas – RM and Jungkook

Joined by Joohee, Jeonghee, and Jo Kwon, BTS’ RM and Jungkook express what a perfect Christmas would be in this song. It’s all about the love and joy found in spending Christmas with other people, especially our loved ones. In their music video, you can even see them decorating a Christmas tree.

4. A Typical Trainee’s Christmas – BTS

The road to becoming the most beloved K-Pop idol isn’t an easy one. BTS’s A Typical Trainee’s Christmas is a song that shares how they spent Christmas. The long grueling hours, feeling lonely, the frustration of not being able to go out with friends—it’s a sad song and a reminder for us that we shouldn’t take the small happy moments with friends and family for granted. Work may be work but it shouldn’t take us away from our family and friends.

5. A Typical Idol’s Christmas – BTS

The sequel to #4’s A Typical Trainee’s Christmas, BTS shares in this Christmas song what has changed. The grueling hours may still be there for practice but now it’s filled with excitement and anticipation. Just like how they received words of congratulations and the hype about their debut, we’re also pretty excited about how we can see our families again even if it’s just a small gathering.

6. Santa Claus’ Coming To Town – BTS

BTS performed for a Disney Singalong and it really gets to showcase their ability to mix their voices together. Especially when you watch the music video, you can see that these boys made a fun performance out of this Christmas song. It’ll definitely get everyone pumped up when they enter your home and see your glowing Christmas tree.

Have yourself a Merry BTS Christmas with these songs!

bts christmas song

We’re sure there are more out there but we thought we’d get you started with these six first. There are still 23 more days until Christmas and there are a lot of festivities to be had. Some may be with family. Others may be in the form of Zoom parties. But however it is, we picked these songs to help remind us that no one should be left alone for Christmas. That, despite all the bad things that have happened lately, there’s still some good left.

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