6 Party Trays to Try for Your Christmas 2021 Celebrations

Thinking of ordering party trays this Christmas? Check out these options!

The Christmas season is just around the corner and that means gatherings and parties with your loved ones and friends. But there are times that cooking can be quite a task and you just want to order takeout. Party trays have become the go-to for many barkadas and families who just want to eat, relax, and spend time catching up after not seeing each other because of the pandemic. Food, after all, is part of the celebration!

Not sure what to order? Thinking of a different cuisine?

Check out these party tray options for your Christmas menu.

1. Illo’s Party Trays

Illo’s Party Trays was the concept of Chef N and his wife Anne, who started the business back in December 2019. They offer an extensive menu and have different packages to choose from in their office, family, party, and fiesta sets.

For orders, log on to their website or head over to their Instagram.

2. Saigon Corner

party trays for christmas
Photo from Saigon Corner Instagram

If you’re in the mood for Vietnamese cuisine, then Saigon Corner is the best for big orders. Their platters can accommodate up to 30 people. Vegetarians will also rejoice because they offer vegetarian options for spring rolls and banh mi.

To order, head over to their Instagram.

3. Mama Paz Kitchen

party trays for christmas
Photo from Mama Paz Kitchen’s Instagram

Mama Paz Kitchen is known for its baked spaghetti which has gotten a lot of positive reviews from celebrities and regular clients. It later expanded to rice bowls, desserts, and even food trays. Some of the food to try include salt and pepper spareribs, lumpia, and chicken wings.

To order, head over to their Instagram for details.

4. FoodTray2Go

party trays for christmas
Photo from Food2Go Instagram

FoodTray2Go is another that people order from for their celebrations. They offer delicious platters and trays of local favorites such beef salpicao, kare-kare, lengua, and prawn thermidore. They also offer themed packages such as Filipino salu-salo, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and even packages for kids. Aside from the trays, they have packed meals and bundle meals.

To order, head to their website.

5. The Murang Seafood Platter

Photo from the Murang Seafood Platter Instagram

If you are a seafood lover then why not order at the Murang Seafood Platter? From fish, lobsters, crabs, shrimps to mussels, they can accommodate your seafood wishes.

Check out the Murang Seafood platter on Instagram.

6. V Kitchen

Photo from V Kitchen Instagram

For vegetarians out there, you have nothing to worry about because V Kitchen boasts party trays of veganized dishes such as cauliflower rice, callos, and casseroles!

For inquiries, check out their Instagram.

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