5 Reasons Why Millennial Kids Are Working Multiple Jobs

Millennial kids nowadays find themselves working at an average 2-3 jobs to sustain their hobbies and living expenses.

We’re used to the whole 1:1 scheme when it comes to finding a job that it’s shocking when we find out our millennial kids have 2-3 jobs. They’re a writer/ operations manager/ graphics designer. Or, they’re a game design writer and a teacher at the same time. Some of them even juggle 2 jobs while finishing a Master’s Degree! We’re scratching our heads wondering why they’re doing that when it causes them to burn out more. For that, it boils down to these 5 reasons why.

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1. Things are more expensive now

20 pesos 30 years ago is the 200~2000 pesos of today. We recall the times when things were just so cheap that our tuition never reached hundreds of thousands. Nowadays, our Millennial kids can only buy Cornetto ice cream or cheap candy with 20 pesos. There’s inflation and maintaining the upkeep of a lot of things to consider. Some of those things include the supply of their favorite skincare products, new shoes, gadgets to keep up with work, etc. which leads our millennial kids to seek out more jobs to sustain their lifestyle.

2. The climb up the corporate ladder looks uncertain for our millennial kids

We’re used to climbing up in a company to make more money. But our millennial kids see the progress in their jobs as uncertain. There’s the dread in their stomachs that even after working 5+ years, a company wouldn’t pay them for what they’re worth. Although they can try to negotiate for a higher salary, they feel that some companies would find it rude for them to ask. So for them, they’d rather find another company that can blend well into their work schedule of their current one so they can make more.

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3. Our millennial kids feel the pressure to be successful

We may not pressure them but millennial kids work multiple jobs in hopes of achieving what we would by the time we’re a certain age. It’s why a lot of millennial kids suffer an identity or existential crisis, eventually falling into depression. They’re trying to meet an expectation that was set by our generation even though they know it’s just not the same. The conflict with the expectations and reality then becomes pressure, further forcing them to take on things to cope.

4. Culture mismatch

There are two kinds of companies nowadays: one’s the traditional corporate one and then there’s an SME (small, medium enterprise). Our millennial kids would sometimes prefer the job culture in an SME but find themselves unhappy with the amount they’re paid. This leads them to seek out more traditional and corporate jobs which sometimes, they find themselves butting heads with someone in the department. It’s why some of our millennial kids prefer to do freelance jobs which is also the result of…

5. The appeal of the entrepreneur life

We all want our kids to be leaders of big companies. But for our millennial kids, in relation to #2, they would rather start with something new. Some millennial kids are aware of the toxicities of the old work culture which is why they would rather start something on their own. However, to start something on their own, they’d want capital. While some people can just ask us, mom and dad, others would prefer to claw, climb, and fight their way up since they learned that from us.

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Our millennial kids shouldn’t burn themselves out over multiple jobs

Since we can’t control inflation and how other companies see their employees, the least we can do for our millennial kids is to mitigate the burnout from their jobs. It’s astonishing to some of us that they’re drinking more coffee than we did at their age or drinking more booze than we were just to cope. While we do want them to be successful, their health and happiness mean more to us. If ever you hear your millennial kids talking about getting another job, take the time to sit down with them and talk about it so they won’t burn themselves out before their 40’s.

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