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A Skincare Gift Guide for Beauty-Loving Moms

Know a mom who religiously follows her skincare routine? Here’s a skincare gift guide for some ideas you can give her this Christmas!

Moms are some of the most hardworking people we know. And they deserve only the best beauty products to uplift their moods and boost their confidence! So, we’ve prepared a skincare gift guide especially for all of those who love following a skincare routine.

Skincare Gift Guide for Moms

1. Basic skincare routine from Habitude

First up is Habitude, a proudly local skincare brand that recognizes and celebrates every Filipina. They currently have three products that use the best botanicals in the country. They’re also designed to adjust to a mom’s busy lifestyle.

The three products include their Hardworking Miracle Water (P849), Seriously Revitalizing Serum (P949), and Go-Getter Moisture + Sun Stick (550). Getting the whole set means building a complete skincare routine for mom—from her toner to her serum, and lastly, her moisturizer and sunscreen.

Skincare Gift Guide

2. Glow-getting serum from Y.O.U. Beauty

Up next is Y.O.U. Beauty. They boast the best-selling Radiance White Essential Nourishing Serum that has been gaining popularity lately. It has nine brightening actives and improves the skin barrier. This is great for moms who haven’t been getting enough sleep—to help give her the glow she deserves.

Skincare Gift Guide

3. Gift sets from LUSH

LUSH has always been known to get festive during the Christmas season. And this year, they did not disappoint. They have gift sets that you can conveniently choose from—like their Glow Gift Set (P3,125), Peace and Love Gift Set (P1,725), and Dreamland Gift Set (P4,995).

All sets use 100% recycled paper. Glow contains their Galaxy Lip Scrub, Lime Bounty Body Butter, Baked Alaska Soap, Snow Fairy Shower Gel, and Comfort Zone Shower Bomb. Meanwhile, Peace and Love includes their Figs and Leaves Soap and Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion. Lastly, which perhaps will be mom’s pick, is the Dreamland Gift Set. It has their Sleepy Bear Bath Bomb, Sleepy Bath Bomb, Sleepy Body Lotion, Sleepy Bubble Bar, Sleepy Shower Gel, Twilight Body Spray, and an exclusive organic cotton eye mask.

Skincare Gift Guide
Peace and Love Gift Set
Skincare Gift Guide
Dreamland Gift Set

4. Pampering body oils and creams from KORRES

Greek skincare brand, KORRES, recently rounded up a few delightful holiday gifts to give moms a noticeable glow this season. They’ll definitely love their pampering Pure Greek Olive line—from the 3-in-1 Nourishing Oil to the Cleansing Emulsion to the Creamy Exfoliating Scrub. Moreover, they have a Pure Greek Olive Moisturizing Day Cream and a Pure Greek Olive Nourishing Night Cream. Additionally, they have the Pure Greek Olive Lip Oil, Traditional Soap, Shower Gel, and Body Cream!

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If you know someone who is still struggling to find a gift for their wives or moms, tell them it’s not too late. Share this skincare gift guide with them, which includes the links to their respective online shops. Happy Christmas Shopping!

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