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Teenage Skincare Routines and Concerns: A Guide for Parents

Celebrity skin care expert, Dr. Clarissa V. Cellona, launches her guide: What’s Up with My Skin?

When it comes to teenage skincare routines, parents and teens alike can get overwhelmed with all the information on the Internet. On top of that, there are so many products available in the market. You might find yourself wondering what’s best for your teen’s skin type. Fortunately, Dr. Clarissa V. Cellona wrote a creatively executed series for teens dealing with skin concerns, and for parents who might have questions about it!

Get to know more about What’s Up with My Skin:

First—who wrote it?

Dr. Clarissa V. Cellona of SKINCELL Clinic

The informational primer was written by SKINCELL Clinic’s lead dermatologist, Dr. Clarissa V. Cellona. Aside from leading her group of board-certified dermatologists and well-trained personnel at SKINCELL, she’s an active consultant at St. Luke’s Medical Center BGC where she heads the Environmental Dermatology Unit. Her patients include Tessa Prieto Valdes, Dawn Zulueta, and Jessy Mendiola—just to name a few.

“What’s Up with My Skin” contains answers to frequently-encountered skin issues experienced by teenagers. Some concerns you’ll find in the series are acne, body odor, eczema, and dandruff. It has colorful illustrations and is written in a comforting and clarifying tone to help empower teens and parents.

Second—what’s the inspiration behind it?

“What’s Up with My Skin?” is a creative guide to help teens take care of their skin.

“I’ve been a board-certified dermatologist for almost 20 years and I consulted for quite a large number of patients,” shares Dr. Clarissa V. Cellona. “The most common cases were often related to teenage skincare routines and concerns.”

Kids go through a complex period during their transition to adolescence. Since they undergo many physical and emotional changes, it can make their developmental phase challenging even for parents. By helping address teen skin issues, Dr. Clarissa V. Cellona wants to strengthen their confidence.

“This book is dedicated to my only teenage son, Angelo, as well as the youth. They are very fortunate to grow up at a time when it is now easier to treat their skin concerns due to advancements in medicine—particularly dermatology.”

Lastly—where is it available?

“What’s Up With my Skin?” is available at select Summit Books Online Partner Stores, SKINCELL clinics, and SKINCELL on Lazada. Follow @skincell.care on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates or visit www.skincell.care to know more.

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