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5 Reasons Why Some Suffer From Vaccine Hesitancy

Some parents suffer from Vaccine Hesitancy. Here are some reasons why they might be hesitant and how to fight it.

Vaccine Hesitancy became a big issue in the Philippines when vaccination rates for COVID-19 had a low turnout. While a lot of parents got their kids vaccinated the first chance they had, a lot of us still hesitate. Even with the calls for National Vaccine Day and the construction of mega vaccination sites, some of us would rather not get vaccinated. As to why, here are some possible reasons why some of us may be suffering vaccine hesitancy.

1. We fear the side effects of the vaccine

While side effects are normal, it’s the degree of how crippling it is that causes Vaccine Hesitancy. AstraZeneca and J&J suffer the most from this reason because of the many stories regarding its side effects. Those who have existing heart problems or clotting problems find themselves at risk which is why they would rather wait. It’s not that they don’t want to receive the vaccine. Rather, they see the side effects and the risks outweighing the benefits.

2. Some of us are discriminating towards the vaccines available

Vaccine Hesitancy can also come from a phenomenon we call Vaccine Bias wherein, we have a severe preference towards a particular vaccine even if we’re not at risk. Usually, we have this because of the studies we read on the internet. Pfizer and Moderna benefited from this the most because of their studies reporting a high efficacy towards COVID-19. Because of this, we discriminate against other vaccines such as Sinovac, J&J, AstraZeneca, and Sputnik. Some even say, “It’s either Pfizer/Moderna or nothing at all!”

3. Medical journals are hard to read

Vaccine Hesitancy can also come from medical journals just being full of weird jargon. Reading and understanding medical journals aren’t easy for those who aren’t from the field. Even those who have post-graduate studies admit that journal reading is their least favorite thing to do. There appears to be a language barrier because of all the big words which is why some would rather turn to the rumors on social media because it’s easier for them to understand.

4. Vaccination Sites seen as COVID-19 hotspots

During the Omicron breakout on New Year, we heard stories of vaccination sites closing down from our Local Government Units (LGUs) because some of the front-liners became COVID-19+. Because of how fast it hit people, some of us would rather wait rather than get hit. To some, it would be ironic that they went there to be protected from COVID-19 only to be the proverbial Trojan Horse. In their minds, they wanted to wait it out until the crowd thinned out so they could get vaccinated safely. They apply this same logic to their kids who we know are more vulnerable.

5. The people they look up are not vaccinated

When some of us see our favorite celebrity doing something, we assume that they know what they’re doing. But they’re human so like us, they are prone to mistakes. Some of us hesitate to get vaccinated because our idols don’t. When we see our celebrities looking healthy and well despite not being vaccinated, it can cause us to think twice about getting vaccinated. Our minds would say, “They seem to be okay without it so, we should be too, right?”

Fight Vaccine Hesitancy, feel free to ask questions, no matter how silly it sounds!

We all have the right to ask questions especially when we’re hesitant towards getting vaccinated. A lot of times, Vaccine Hesitancy is caused by our lack of knowledge on how to deal with what comes after. But that’s why doctors spend 8+ years of their lives dedicating themselves to preserving life. We’re sure they’ll be more than happy to answer your questions, no matter how silly it sounds. If you fear the area you’re getting vaccinated in, observe all the safety protocols and double your efforts if you have to. Better to get vaccinated than run around with no protection at all.

Don’t worry! Here’s some vaccination news to help us understand what’s going on!

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