How To Complete Your Kids’ Vaccines During the Pandemic

We got to ask pediatrician, Dr. Cristina Santos-Tuazon, on how we can complete our kids’ vaccines during the pandemic.

Some of our babies and our kids should have had their vaccines last year but the pandemic made it hard. We’re scared to meet up with our kids’ pedia because they’re in a hospital, a known COVID-19 hotspot. But sometimes, it’s better to vaccinate our kids against the other disease since we can’t get them the COVID-19 vaccine right away. That’s why we asked Dr. Cristina Santos-Tuazon how we can complete our kids’ vaccines during the pandemic.

The earlier, the better

Our kids don’t get sick on anybody’s schedule. But we can make those moments less with an earlier vaccination, according to Dr. Cristina. She says, “As a pediatrician, I would want my patients to be vaccinated early. The earlier they are vaccinated, the earlier they are protected. There are however recommendations that we follow regarding the earliest possible time each vaccine may be administered. The longer we delay, the higher the risk our kids can get these preventable diseases.”

Getting multiple shots in one go

A lot of us are scared of how multiple vaccination shots can hurt our babies. But for many, it does have its uses and reasoning. For Dr. Cristina, it’s less pain on the child and fewer visits which means less exposure. She reassures, “Vaccines may also be administered at the same time. It has been proven to be safe. There are also combination vaccines available now so, several vaccines may be administered with just one shot. There is less pain for the child and fewer visits to the hospital/clinic.”

Hospitals have less risks than a mall

We delayed completing our kids’ vaccinations since some hospitals became COVID-19 positive wards. Dr. Cristina reassures that hospitals and clinics are fully aware of how to keep the infection at bay especially since many immunocompromised patients have daily visits. She reassures, “Hospitals and clinics have very strict guidelines and protocols in place to protect the people who need to go to the hospitals for many reasons. I would even say that the risk of getting COVID by bringing children to the hospital is lower than the risk of getting COVID by bringing children to the malls.”

Are there any vaccines that can help my kids while they can’t get the COVID-19 vaccine?

We’ve all been wondering this since they’re vaccinating kids against COVID-19 by batch. While there is no direct relation or effect, Dr. Cristina assures that each of the vaccines has its ways of helping. She explains, “The flu and pneumococcal vaccine do protect against Influenza and Pneumonia. While they don’t directly help against COVID-19, they do protect your kids from co-infections if ever they do get COVID-19.”

A Message to Pedia Fellows, Moms of Aspiring Pediatricians

As a pediatrician, Dr. Cristina Santos-Tuazon knows that a lot of us are stressed and panicked about our kids. Especially for moms of aspiring pediatricians and medical students, she knows that the work can be hard. She advises, “You have to be committed and patient because you do not only deal with a child as your patient. But, you also deal with anxious and stressed parents at the same time. Learning is also never-ending. You do not end when you finish training. You continue to educate yourself so that you can serve the Filipino child as best as you can.”

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