How To Help Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Right Now

With PHP 300,000 worth of damages, Philippine General Hospital (PGH) requests aid.

At around 12:41 AM yesterday, the fire alarms in Philippine General Hospital sounded off. According to the doctors and nurses, the flames started on the third floor from a sterilization area in an operating room. The alarms continued to sound off at 12:58 and 1:00 AM as the flames climbed up to the fourth floor. By then, the nurses began evacuating the patients and brought them to Immaculate Conception Chapel with as much equipment as they could.

Manila Fire Department had declared the fire controlled at 2:48 AM and with the flames finally dying at 5:41 AM. Much to everyone’s relief, there have been no reports of casualties.

What does PGH need right now?

While all the patients survived, the equipment, however, wasn’t as lucky. At around PHP 300,000 pesos worth of damage, Philippine General Hospital temporarily closed down the Emergency Room and transferred their patients to nearby hospitals such as Sta. Ana Hospital. In hopes of immediately resuming operations, Philippine General Hospital has made requests for big industrial fans with the help of Vice President Leni Robredo:

With the smoke choking the building, Philippine General Hospital (PGH) is looking for industrial fans to get rid of the harmful particles filling the building. As one of the biggest COVID-19 wards in Metro Manila, PGH aims to get rid of all the carbon monoxide as fast as they can go back to treating their COVID-19 patients.

How else can we help?

If Industrial Fans are too big, the UP Office of the Student Regent said that they would also accept donations of “food, masks, and water” for PGH. Other departments such as the PGH Milk Bank have sent out requests also to lactating mothers to send refrigerated or frozen breast milk for the babies that were affected by the fire. Money is also an acceptable donation which they posted on their FB page last May 16, 2021.

As much as possible, if you have a contact in PGH, make sure you coordinate your donations well with them to make sure your donations reach the people you want to help. For those who want to donate to their Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) account but can’t do intra-bank transactions, use the BancNet Online Banking System website. BancNet connects DBP to different banks, such as Metrobank. All you have to do is to make an account and register the bank account that’s connected to BancNet in order to do the transaction.

As of 5 PM yesterday, Philippine General Hospital (PGH) has displayed a list of other bank accounts we can donate to:

Once you’ve given your donation, make sure you take a screenshot or a take a photo of your transaction and send it to [email protected] with the email subject heading reading: PROOF_CASHDONATION_PGH_FIRE. That way, it won’t get lost in all the emails they’re probably receiving from other places.

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