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5 Easy Ways To Fight Against the Flu

With Omicron manifesting flu-like symptoms, here are some easy ways on how to fight against the Flu.

We’re frustrated with everyone’s panic-buying and hoarding of Biogesic, Bioflu, COVID-19 Testing Kits, and Paracetamol. Some medical stores won’t even sell because their company policy focuses more on wholesale to pharmaceutical companies. When fighting against a virus like the flu or COVID-19’s Omicron or Ihu, some would recommend riding out the virus and managing the symptoms so the body has time to fight and build an immunity to it. Here are some easy ways how to fight against the flu and its symptoms.

1. Make a makeshift nebulizer via boiling salt and vinegar in a pot

If one doesn’t have a Nebulizer at home or you’re out of nebules, we can simulate the salty sea air by mixing in some salt and vinegar in a pot. Boil the said mixture with some water and you have a makeshift nebulizer. While it isn’t the cure for COVID-19 or the Flu, it keeps the mucous fluid so it doesn’t progress into pneumonia. Plus, if you and your kids have COVID, you’ll be able to snort out the rest of the germs or the virus.

2. Switch out the clothes and beddings of those who are sick everyday

This one can be a little more taxing but this allows those who are sick to fight better. By constantly swapping out their clothes and bedding, they won’t be constantly exposed to the virus. Hospitals often do this also for those who’ve had radiation treatment for cancer or for tumors. Since radiation’s dangerous to the human body, treat the virus the same way. Since COVID-19’s still contagious, washing the clothes and beddings of those who are sick will help them fight the flu due to lesser exposure.

3. Go for a medicinal diet

Vitamin C’s been our main go-to for building our immune systems but it’s not enough. By making food our medicine, we can lessen the pills. Some ingredients such as garlic, chili peppers, and pepper can help the body heat up, eventually sweating it out or peeing it out. It’s why herbal soups are the easiest way to go around it. Not only is it a soft diet that soothes the sore throat, but it also keeps the body hydrated. Besides, if we mixed Instant Noodles in it, we’re sure our kids if they’re sick with COVID-19 might be more motivated to eat so they can fight the flu.

4. Keep your vaccination for the Flu updated

There was a study in the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine that showed how the Flu vaccination may assist the COVID-19 vaccine in protecting us against the severe effects. Especially since Omicron looks more like a Flu now, getting your flu jab would be a pretty good idea. The timing however will matter so we suggest consulting your family doctor when’s the best time to update.

5. Boost your vitamins

While it’s annoying to chuck pills down like candy, we have to. With COVID-19 and the Flu flying around, we’ll have to boost our immune systems. There’s a lot of brands for Vitamin C and there are some that come with Zinc. While Zinc’s known to have benefits for the immune system to help it fight the flu, best consult with your doctor. Some bodies can’t handle Zinc in their bodies for a variety of reasons from not being acidic enough to just being allergic.

We need to stay strong to fight the flu

The Flu and Omicron’s symptoms look so similar that it’s hard to tell them apart. As moms, we usually just assume the worst and treat our diseases like we always do: with utmost ruthlessness and vigilance. With hospitals filling up again and the infections now spilling into our homes, now’s the time to check our diets, the cleanliness of our homes, and to be extra careful to make sure our families make it through the pandemic safely.

Hit by COVID-19 or the Flu? You’re not alone!

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