Dear Online Tutors: Thank You For Helping Our Kids

Bahay Turo’s online tutors played a big role in our kids’ homeschool lives and their role continues even with face-to-face classes.

When subjects in homeschool and learning modules had parents scratching their heads, tutors came in to assist. However, not all parents felt comfortable with bringing their kids back to the traditional tutor house due to exposure. Thus, the rise of online tutors. They learned online class management and all sorts of theatrics to make the subject more fun. So thank you, especially those from Bahay Turo, for teaching our kids!

Less stress when homework no longer needs someone to guess.

Homeschool somewhat removed the stress of homework because everything was done at home. But with face-to-face classes starting, homework becomes a reality again. However, we need to be prepared as parents — especially with COVID-19 cases rising. Kids might have to rely on online or hybrid classes once more. But at least this time, it’ll be one-on-one — which will leave kids the opportunity to ask about topics that schools don’t normally cover yet they’re curious about.

Nothing can replace face-to-face classroom learning. While school is where kids learn, grow, and socialize, having an online partner for effective school learning with Bahay Turo makes things easier.

Matching up kids with the right teachers

A lot of times, kids lag behind because they find themselves not matching with the teacher. Some would like to have an online tutor certified by an international company. But a lot of times, it takes a special connection where the tutor also understands the culture and can relate. Otherwise, lessons enter one ear and come out the other.

Register and find more about Bahay Turo through their website.

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