DepEd Official Says Parents and Kids Should Learn the Mindset of Resiliency and Flexibility In New Normal Setting

DepEd Makati Superintendent Carleen Sedilla says that parents should also get to know the learning habits of their children to help them do better in hybrid learning.

An official of the Department of Education (DepEd) in Makati said that as students and teachers slowly prepare and return to the face-to-face class setting, parents and kids must learn to adapt the mindset of resiliency and flexibility in the new normal.

DepEd: Having the scout mantra

At the recent Parentalk 2022, DepEd Makati Superintendent Carleen Sedilla said that parents and children should always have the scout mantra.

“I think the mantra for both parents and for our learners is the scout’s mantra which is always ready or laging handa,” she said. “Because the transition now is fast. So the mindset of flexibility and resiliency should be part of the community—not only the parents and not the children.

“But for the parents, I think the main key, you are given a very good opportunity now. Because most of the feedback, especially from parents now is you get to spend more time with each other. I think you should maximize the time to know your children and to know their learning styles because now that you are part of the learning experience, you are not just a facilitator herding your child, you could now become a real teacher to your child.”

 Sedilla said that knowing the learning styles of their kids will give parents the chance how to adjust how they teach them at home.

The purpose of learning

As for the kids, Sedilla said it’s very important that they go back to the purpose of why they’re learning.

“Do not disregard the idea that this is home learning. That it’s less than the actual learning. It’s not party party. It’s not a long break that you should enjoy. The idea is more or less transferring or the idea of learning in a new environment but of the same goal that we are after—quality education.”

DepEd Makati Superintendent Carleen Sedilla

The future of learning

While parents and students struggled with distance learning, in the beginning, Sedilla said that this has also made people adapt faster to the hybrid process. She said that with hybrid learning some students will now have the option to thrive better.

“I think we are very confident that this will become institutionalized not only for the pandemic but later on when we go back to the new normal,” she said.

She said that many schools like those in Makati have been preparing for hybrid set-ups and those who want to return to face-to-face. Moreover, Sedilla gave some tips for parents to establish while they are still taking online classes. These are:

Creating a learning space inside the home 

It’s very important to simulate what’s inside a classroom. You can put a mini-library or build a corner where your kids can study and listen.

Exploring the platform where the children are learning

Learn more and check on the modules and modals of learning given to your kids.

Knowing your children very well 

Sedilla said this is very important because “this will be the key to knowing what to address and what kids need to do.”

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