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Families Reminded to Still Follow Safety Protocols Despite Eased Restrictions

Pediatrician Dr. Romeo Naguid says oral hygiene is also important in keeping the family safe from COVID-19.

As the country slowly returns to pre-pandemic status, pediatrician Dr. Romeo Naguid said that families, especially parents, should remind their kids to continue practicing safety protocols wherever they go.

Speaking at Modern Parenting’s Parentalk 2022 aired Thursday, April 7, Dr. Naguid said that parents should not scare kids but talk to them properly.

“You have to tell them all the things, the basic safety protocols,” Dr. Naguid said during the segment Navigating the New Normal. “The basic need that we have to do like the mask, the advantage of wearing a mask, and then washing. People learn how to be hygienic. Just make it fun for them.”

“It’s about time for us to go out, to take that big step and explore,” Dr. Naguid added.

Don’t forget oral care as one of the safety protocols

Dr. Naguid said that once parents teach their children the importance of the three – wearing a mask, handwashing, and social distancing, they can now teach them the importance of taking supplements and oral care.

“When they come home, they have to gargle and change their clothes. I think you have to be relaxed also with your kids. You don’t have to be too strict,” he said.

“The virus is really spread through droplets. I would focus on that [gargling] first.”

When in doubt, consult your doctor

During the talk, Dr. Naguid also addressed some of the concerns guest panelist Maoui David-Chua brought up regarding the situation of the pandemic, especially in the household.

“As long as they [helpers and members of the family] and you guys are vaccinated, that’s fine. For the kids, just make sure that you can call your doctor if you have symptoms or anything. Just discuss it with your doctor,” he said.

“One thing that is good with the pandemic and with the doctors in the field, we already know how to treat the virus more or less as compared to two years ago. We have an idea of what to expect,” he said.

Dr. Naguid also reminded parents to relax and be calm, saying the doctors will guide them. “Do not over-medicate. Just call your doctor. You have to discuss with them the symptoms because it can be just viral flu.”

When asked to give tips, Dr. Naguid once again emphasized the three important rules – wearing a mask, handwashing, and social distancing. He also said to always be in touch with a doctor.

“For the parents, you need to relax. Don’t stress your doctor also. Don’t stress your doctor because yes, we have safety protocols already to be followed,” he said.

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