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Dina Arroyo-Tantoco: A Call From The North

Dina Arroyo-Tantoco, Rustan’s Head of Marketing Communications, shares how moving out of the capital, learning to breath and acknowledging when it’s time to call out  for help has done wonders for her wellbeing. 

Dina Tantoco and her husband decided to move their family of five northward to Subic as means for supporting their wellbeing during a time of strict lockdowns and restriction. Their home outside of the city provided them the space, sense of freedom and serenity. Surrounded by nature and afforded the thrill of outdoor activities, the Tantoco brood found a haven of rest and respite away from the capital. 

Being flexible and dadapting to the times

Still, Dina acknowledges how families have struggled with adapting to the zeitgeist. “Parents are now wearing multiple hats: working from home, parent, teacher, and home manager,” she shares thoughtfully. “I would encourage to keep an open line of communication with each other. We always have to inform each other about our activities, meetings, and important milestones.” She also strongly suggests the creation of personal space. If and when that’s not enough, Dina recommends a few deep breaths and quick call to a friend. “There will be days that are harder than the rest,” she elaborates. “We will experience a lot of anxiety. I find that communicating with friends and exchanging experiences are very healing. You might be helping them too!”

Faith as her compass

Throughout these challenges, Dina’s faith has guided her, especially in times of doubt and confusion. She intimates, “Even if we don’t know what will happen, what I try to remember is that there is a reason for all of this. And only God knows what that is. We need to connect with him, so we don’t lose sight of that.” Deeper reflection on life’s countless blessings brought Dina clarity especially with regards to matters of community and compassion. She affirms, “We need to rise together. This can be achieved by acting like a community that is embedded in love and not hate.”

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