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The Green Scene: Families Can Make the Sustainable Switch This Earth Day 2024

In celebration of Earth Day 2024, our favorite premier store is releasing a new Green Finds Collection!

As we celebrate Earth Day 2024, we’re trying to find more brands that advocate and follow sustainable practices. But sometimes, we feel limited—usually, we only learn about these choices from our friends and relatives who’ve already tested some of these eco-friendly brands.

Other times, we frustrate ourselves by scouring the entirety of Google and social media to fully confirm that the eco-friendly brand we stumbled upon is sustainable, easily accessible, and sufficient for our family’s lifestyle.

However, if a well-known retailer like SM Store gathers and certifies all these eco-friendly pop-ups under one roof, it’s easier for us to come up with all sorts of ways to help our families seamlessly transition into a more sustainable lifestyle.

SM Green Finds Store Front
Photo from SM Store

Sustainable change has to start from somewhere!

The biggest struggle we probably all have in becoming more sustainable in our choices is just how available those products are.

Sometimes, these eco-friendly products are not easy to find because they’re from smaller, home businesses or social enterprises. They pop up in a bazaar, we buy them, forget about the brand name, and then, go back to what we’re used to.

However, with the SM’s Green Finds Collection for their various departments including their Beauty, Fashion, and Home sections, they’ll be easier to find! The best part is that we get to see if they’ll work for our family or not.

And because while we want to be sustainable, our highest priority is to make sure our families are comfortable with it!

SM Green Finds Store Front
Photo from SM Store

Sustainability is not just a trend; it’s a mindset!

With SM Store launching its Green Finds Program on Earth Day this coming April 22, 2024, it’ll finally be easier for many of us to transition into a more sustainable lifestyle.

From our clothes, furniture, and even some beauty products, our families won’t feel that the change is too drastic and we’ll see that there are many eco-friendly choices to choose from.

Plus—they’re easily available. SM Store will also be featuring its Green Find Collections in locations like Aura, Megamall, Mall of Asia, North EDSA, and Makati, alongside other select branches across the country.

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