7 Fun Activities for Kids to Celebrate Earth Day

Here are some fun activities for kids to celebrate Earth Day.

Ever since Al Gore’s release of The Inconvenient Truth and Greta Thunberg’s speech at the United Nations Climate Action Summit, all of us had to become more mindful of what we and our families consume. From researching more about what is conscious beauty to buying more sustainable and local products, we’ve tried to lessen our carbon footprint in hopes of leaving a world behind for our kids. But we need to teach our kids how to maintain that world too which we can do with these fun Earth Day-based activities.

1. Naming trees with actual human names

Taking a page from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s story The Little Prince, naming things is a fun activity the kids can do for Earth Day. Just like how the Little Prince tamed the fox, your kids can then “tame” a tree. Let your kids come up with names for the trees in your garden no matter how silly it sounds. What matters is it teaches them that the tree becomes “theirs” and it’s their “responsibility” to take care of it.

2. Biking

Biking’s perfect for improving cardio. It’s also a fun activity for your kids to celebrate Earth Day. While we’re not expecting them to complete the QC circle in one day, biking helps kids appreciate the fresh air outside. Older kids can even go out with a bike and grab something from the nearest supermarket if ever you have errands for them to do. Using a bike lessens carbon footprint especially if the cars at home didn’t pass the carbon emission testing of the LTO.

3. Making compost

It sounds gross to many but for the many plantitas and plantitos out there, making compost can be a fun activity for kids to celebrate Earth Day. All they have to do is separate the dry trash from the wet trash. Or, if you don’t want them holding the wet trash, they can gather up the dry ones. Dry trash is normally made out of dried leaves and twigs. All they need to do is form a layer before putting in the wet trash.

4. Coming up with Vegan Meals

Many say that going on a plant-based diet can lessen carbon emissions plus, making vegan meals is a fun challenge for kids to do on Earth Day. You can even add in the goal that they must be unable to taste the normal bitterness in vegetables that most kids don’t like. Some examples could include making a veggie burger, or veggie-based siomai. Having kids more involved in meal prep can also do well in making them stay healthy as they grow older.

5. Create a night garden using solar panels

Some of us who have gardens want to walk around at night. But we can’t enjoy the lush greenery if there’s no light. For kids who need a fun Physics activity for Earth Day, have them try positioning and wiring solar panels in the garden to create night lights. It teaches them about solar energy and other things. Like how to anticipate where the sunlight is coming from, how much solar energy is needed, and most of all — how to have a well-lit garden at night with pure sustainable energy.

6. Have them find local replacements for some of the things at home

Supporting local businesses has its environmental benefits, too. It feeds the farmers and slowly lessens the need for import or the need to go out and get the said product. The best place to start: our teens and older kids are probably progressing into coffee addicts by now. You’ll notice that they will never say “no” to an iced coffee. Try having them source out local beans. They might also be surprised just how rich local flavors are.

7. Taking furbabies out for a walk

Our furbabies, too, have been stuck in the house for so long. What’s a more fun Earth Day-based activity for kids than letting them walk their pets? Cats may not always be the walking type but, they do appreciate being brought around. Dogs do develop depression if they’re cooped up for so long so bringing them out does them a big favor.

Have fun and bond with your kids with these Earth Day activities!

Earth Day isn’t just about turning off the lights for an hour. But it’s acknowledging our role in making the world a better place to live in. From turning off the lights if we’re not using them to being more eco-conscious with our purchases, celebrating Earth Day will eventually become a way of life. And the more we have fun activities like these for kids on Earth Day, the more they’ll see the importance and their chance to make the world a better place.

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