A New Vegan Skincare Brand for a Numi

Empress Schuck-Guingona releases her latest and newest vegan skincare line: Numi

Despite our being busy moms, we try to reinvent ourselves and find the “new me.” It usually starts with our skincare, finding one that’s cruelty-free, sustainable, and good for our skin. As a new brand to add to our list of vegan skincare brands, Empress Schuck-Guingona releases her latest one: Numi. She shares, “I have sensitive skin. So, when we finally got the perfect formula for Numi, I was so impressed. My skin definitely looked much cleaner and healthier. Pimples rarely show up and when they do, they dry up faster than before.”

Vegan Skincare for Philippine Weather

Building the right skincare routine takes time and research. Some skins are so sensitive that even the most hypoallergenic ones can cause problems. Then, there’s also our issue of skincare products caking and causing more adverse problems in the long run. But as moms, we don’t have time for that. We want something that’s simple and that works. Numi, being a vegan skincare product, keeps its products simple: paraben-free and sulfate-free to make sure it’s not too heavy on the skin.

“We believe that skincare doesn’t have to be a 10-step routine,” Empress shares. “Numi is for skincare newbies, to those looking for a skincare set that’s complete but not complicated, and to skincare explorers who love trying out new products but still need a daily skincare set that they can count on for life.”

When designing Numi, Empress shared that she loves how the skincare products work well despite Philippine weather. She says, “Aside from the benefits and effectiveness, my other favorite thing about Numi is the consistency. I really love that it’s water and gel-based. Super lightweight and not sticky on the skin. I’m very happy about this!”

Choosing the right skincare for the right weather

Sometimes, choosing the right skincare takes time but when you have something vegan and cruelty-free, it’s a lot less taxing. If it’s vegan, that means they don’t have any animal products, and being cruelty-free means Numi didn’t have to test it on animals to get the right results for us moms. Their products are for all sorts of basic skincare issues that are easy to use even for us who are busy. Check them out here: Numi.ph.

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