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This Is Why Skincare is Self-Care

When life at home and outside is too topsy-turvy for you to handle, it’s time to come up with a skincare routine that only you have a say in.

We all have our own ways of doing self-care when dealing with everything at home. From drinking your favorite cup of coffee in the morning to using our favorite moisturizer, we do all these things to deal with stress, especially during the pandemic. But the stress of dealing with the pandemic can really show on our skin. When trying to hold things together, the best way to start is to a skincare routine.

A skincare routine helps you stay rooted in reality

With the pandemic being as unpredictable as it is, we find ourselves constantly anxious about what will happen next because we have no control over it. So, how do we get our control back? The first thing we can do is make a skincare routine to give us something that’s not constantly changing. It’s not affected by the pandemic (unless they run out of your favorite cream) and it’s something only you can change especially if you’re planning to swap over to Skin by BYS.

Skin by BYS offers an easy skincare routine with their latest line

Skin by BYS: Show unconditional love to yourself

Before you start a skincare routine, try looking for products that do multiple things at once so you have less clutter in your bathroom. Fewer bottles mean less clutter, which means less stress and an easier routine to learn and keep in mind. That’s why BYS came up with products that cleanse, treat, moisturize, and protect your skin all at once so that you don’t have too many bottles to worry about.

Of course, you don’t just throw anything on your face. Some of us may have sensitive skin which causes us to break out. But that’s why you always check if your products are hypo-allergenic and natural. In most cases, our skin reacts to ingredients that are artificially made. However, BYS uses Botaniceutical Plus – 10, a vegan, hypo-allergenic, and natural ingredient in their products like the Extra Gentle Milk Jelly Cleanser and Extra Gentle Micellar Water to make sure you don’t break out and give your skin the best care.

Creating a skincare routine is the best way to love yourself

In a time where everything is out of your control, creating a routine gives your mind a break from all the irrational and illogical thoughts. We cannot control the pandemic but we can control what we put on our skin. Keep your skincare routine easy, fool-proof, and cruelty-free with Skin by BYS. You can buy their products online from either Watsons or ShopSM.

Proving to people that creating a routine is a way of loving oneself is hard. But here are some other ways you can show them how:

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