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Kelly Misa Fernandez and Bianca Santiago Reinoso: Why Parents Should Have A Support Group

Kelly Misa Fernandez and Bianca Santiago Reinoso share how being a part of each other’s support group helped them get through the ups and downs of parenting.

Parenting is always changing and not always in a good way. There will always be ups and downs to raising kids, especially with the changing times. Model, host, and momfluencer Kelly Misa Fernandez and former Fashion Editor and now momfluencer Bianca Santiago Reinoso‘s long friendship helped them get through the turbulent moments of parenting. Both Kelly and Bianca then share how being a member of each other’s support group or tribe motivates them to be better parents and people in Modern Parenting‘s latest event: Parentalk 2022.

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Reasons Why Parent Support Groups Are Good

1. “There are just so many things happening!”

Just like how Y.O.U makes sure that your skin gets all the help it needs with Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Tremella Extract, and Probiotics to deal with all the things happening to it, so do moms. Kelly admits, “I didn’t know I needed a support group until I got pregnant. When I did, there were just so many things happening. Sometimes, it’s not enough to research. You really need a friend to talk to.”

Both Kelly and Bianca admit that being each other’s constant since college really helped out when they both became parents. Bianca already had Liana but had a second baby on the way with Kelly on her first. Both of them had boys, Juano and Tristan, who were only three weeks apart. “She [Bianca] was my go-to girl,” Kelly shares. “But then we realized: why don’t we make a thread just so it’d be helpful? We had common friends and that’s how the Baby Barangay support group was formed.”

2. “Parenting is never a cookie-cutter thing.”

Bianca shares, “With our kids growing up, things are changing. And that’s the thing, parenting is never a cookie-cutter thing.”

Bianca shared also it’s why some parents tend to gravitate toward other parents. When they see how well another parent is doing, they look to that particular parent as a role model. “Especially after the diaper changing phase,” Bianca adds. “Once they hit the tween or teen years, it’s an entirely different level altogether. When we see other parents with their tweens or teens, it’s like telling us, ‘Okay, our kids can follow their kids’. It’s like a glimpse into the future.”

3. “It’s different to be friends with parents of the same gender.”

Sometimes, the quality and kind of support one receive from their parent support group are different from that of their spouses. Bianca admits, “Although my husband is my best friend, it’s different when I talk to girl friends or best friends. They know what it’s like to deal with the hormones or how your body’s responding to something. There’s a special touch that mom friends have and it just gives you this sense of relief.”

4. “There are times they will help keep the loneliness away.”

Being a mom can be a lonely thing. Even though the kids are screaming and running around the house, sometimes, a mom can feel terribly alone. Bianca admits, “There will be times you’d wanna pick up your phone and just talk to them.” Kelly, on the other hand, created chat groups to help other moms be able to instantly respond to each other when the going gets tough.

5. Being able to do things you love doing with someone else.

Kelly and Bianca were always in events and their being in the same industry allowed them to share interests. Bianca, being a stylist, would be Kelly’s go-to person for fashion and would be her shopping partner. Especially when the pandemic hit, being there for each other in the parent support group helped out. There would be random text messages flying back and forth to keep the doom and gloom of COVID-19 away.

It doesn’t always have to be something dynamic, however. It can even involve something relaxing and restful like reinventing and simplifying one’s skincare routine. Bianca shares, “The pandemic gave our skin time to rest and it gave us a chance to invest in more quality skincare. We were able to adopt a more ‘busy mom skincare routine’.” Something that’s found in the Radiance White Nourishing+ Serum, since everything’s streamlined.

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Parent Support Groups Help Keep Parenting Fun

A lot of times, the fun and joy of parenting can fade because of the growing pains. Just like how Y.O.U Beauty helps bring out our inner beauty, there are times we’ll need another parent to assure us that we’re trying our best and doing the right thing. Catch more of Kelly Misa Fernandez and Bianca Santiago Reinoso on Parentalk 2022 as they cover more about what it’s like to be part of a tribe.

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