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5 Biodegradable Diaper Brands for the Eco-Conscious Parent

With modern moms and dads becoming more conscious about the environment, these biodegradable diaper brands are here to save the day!

Did you know that disposable diapers account for 2% of landfill waste in the United States? In the Philippines, around three million diapers were thrown away daily in 2019. And because plastics make up most of these diapers, they decompose slowly. In fact, it can take 400 to 500 years for a disposable diaper to decompose. This is why modern parents are becoming more conscious about the choices they make—including the diapers they buy. While cloth diapers are ideal because they’re reusable, not all parents have the luxury of time to use them. So it’s great to have biodegradable diapers as an option to help reduce plastic pollution.

Biodegradable Diaper Brands Available in the Philippines

1. Noopii

First is Noopii, a product of New Zealand. Noopii understands that the planet is facing huge environmental challenges. “We know our planet deserves better than this. So we want to do better,” is their brand advocacy.

Their luxe nappies have a cotton blend outer. In addition, they use food-safe inks to print their designs. Plus, their diapers contain Manuka Hydrosol, making them naturally antibacterial. This helps prevent diaper rash. Interestingly, there’s a reason their diapers don’t have a wetness indicator or roll tape. Wetness indicators use chemicals while tapes are fully synthetic. These don’t align with Noopii’s brand values.

Both their biodegradable diapers and packaging are made from 70% plant-based sustainable and renewable materials. It’s an effort to help the environment without compromising on quality, design, and comfort.

2. ECO BOOM Biodegradable Diapers

Next is ECO BOOM, a life-changing diaper brand that gives Filipino moms an eco-friendly alternative. Additionally, 70.1% of an ECO BOOM diaper decomposes in 147 days. Their diaper’s bamboo fiber is ideal for babies with sensitive skin. Moreover, they don’t contain chlorine—making them perfectly safe. They provide up to 12 hours of protection and superb absorption!

3. Bumboo

biodegradable diaper

Up next is Bumboo. 70% of biodegradable and plant-derived materials make up their nappies. This allows each diaper to decompose in just 60 days. Meanwhile, their packaging is 100% biodegradable. They guarantee that their diapers are created with lots of love for babies and the planet. In addition, there are no plastic, chemicals, preservatives, or fragrances in their diapers.

4. BAMBO Nature

biodegradable diaper

BAMBO Nature boasts three certifications. First, they are dermatologically tested. Second, they are certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Lastly, they have the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. By choosing FSC-certified products, they help take care of forests and wildlife. Meanwhile, the Nordic Swan Label evaluates the environmental impact of its products throughout their entire life cycle. From raw material selection to the manufacturing process, straight through to the disposal of the product.

5. Little Tree Biodegradable Diapers

biodegradable diaper

Last but not least is Little Tree. Their biodegradable diapers use wood pulp. These come from sustainably-managed forests and are dermatologically tested. Moreover, they added bilberry leaf extract to their fabric to help moisturize and protect the skin.

Biodegradable Diaper Brands to Help Reduce Plastic Pollution

These biodegradable diaper brands definitely make it easier and more convenient for parents to help the planet. After all, these eco-conscious choices can allow their children to live in a better, much healthier world!

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