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5 Starter Items We Need For An Earth-Friendly Home

It’s never too late to make an earth-friendly home for you and the fam!

How can we slow down Global Warming but at the same keep the bacteria and the pandemic at bay? We start in our little ways by practicing conscious beauty, buying items that were made ethically, and even something as small and sustainable as recycling our trash. But if we’re going to make a bigger effort, we need to think bigger, like, house bigger. So if you’re planning to transition to a more earth-friendly home, here are some things that can make your transition to becoming eco-friendly and more sustainable a lot easier.

1. Organic Hand Sanitizers

Especially during the pandemic, organic hand sanitizers are a must! Keeping our hands clean makes sure that we don’t just transfer all sorts of bacteria all over the house. With our kids having this bad tendency to put anything in their mouths without washing their hands, Wonderhome Naturals Natto Series organic hand sanitizers are a must for any earth-friendly home to lessen kids’ chances of getting sick.

2. Organic House Cleaners

When we clean the house, we want something industrial grade so we always go for bleach or some kind of chemical cleaner. While it gets the job done, it comes with a price: your pets and your kids might poison themselves! It’s why Blest has a line of house cleaners that are organic to make sure nobody gets hurt. We’re only trying to kill the germs, bacteria, and viruses after all, not the kids or the pets.

3. Natural Lifestyle Sprays

Different materials mean different kinds of cleaning materials. You can’t use strong bleach on plastic; it’ll cause it to crack! It’s why there are different kinds of sprays to help you clean your items. Especially when everything is online now, you’re going to need a gadget spray that keeps your workspace clean without harmful chemicals. Wonderhome has an Organic Citrus Oil spray that can keep your workspace germ-free and more eco-friendly.

4. Natural Detergent

When our babies or kids get rashes, we only have the detergent to blame. Kids and especially babies have highly sensitive skin! Their skin and immune system haven’t toughened up yet from facing the elements outside, especially now since there’s a pandemic. We suggest swapping out your strong chemical detergent for a while for something more natural like Wonderhome’s Wildberry Seaside Natural Laundry Detergent to keep those rashes at bay. Who knows, you might even make the change permanent as an addition to a more earth-friendly home!

5. Refillable Bottles

Keep your plastic to a minimum by making sure you don’t just throw your bottles out into the ecosystem. Since plastic can’t take almost 450 years to degrade (varying depending on what kind of plastic too!), you can keep some of your old bottles and send them to Wonderhome Naturals to have them fill it up instead. Just make sure that the bottle is the same volume as the product you’re buying so there’s no need to deal with the fancy math.

A conscious home for a more conscious earth

While we’re all waiting for our turn to get vaccinated, we can focus all our efforts on saving the earth from home. Slowly transitioning from chemical products to more natural products from both Blest and Wonderhome Naturals also teaches our kids too small ways on how they can help the earth. Not just by finishing their food or not leaving the lights on when not using but, also making them more aware of items that can make a more earth-friendly home.

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