Having A Baby In The Year Of The Ox? Here’s What You Need To Know

They’re the most independent of the bunch!

After all those quarantine baby jokes, now it’s time to meet the second batch of “coronials” and usher in the Year of the Ox. 2021 is the Year of the Metal Ox, to be exact and according to Chinese astrology experts, it will be a year of great stability and nourishment — just what we need after the craziness that was 2020! But what about babies born in the Year of the Ox? We’ve got the full lowdown on raising an Ox baby…

What you need to know about having an Ox baby

What the Ox represents

According to the Chinese Animal Zodiac, the Ox represents steady, hard work. Also, the Year of the Ox is a great time to have a baby. If you want to get down to it, the most favored Chinese zodiac signs in 2021 are parents born during the Years of the Ox, Snake, Rat or Rooster.

Personality traits of the Ox baby

Cautious and patient

Ox are known to be one of the most cautious and patient out of all the Chinese Animal Zodiac signs. They prefer to take their time, which means you can rely on them to be more calculated and analytical when it comes to trying new things.

Very independent

Ox children are the most self-reliant of the bunch. These are kids who will spend hours on end trying to perfect a task just because they want to carve their own path. But children are children — as parents, we still need to watch over them and make sure their independence won’t let them do anything too crazy.


You can count on your baby Ox to be a model child. They’re usually amenable to their parents’ decisions — however, this will change when they get older. Oxes can be stubborn, especially when they learn more about the world.

They’ll do great at sports and school

Because they’re already so naturally disciplined and independent, your baby Ox will do great at school and sports. They won’t put up a fuss if presented with a routine and they’ll take any task given to them seriously and do it to the best of their ability.

What parents can do to nurture an Ox baby

Let them be!

Ox babies are very independent, which means they’ll want to do everything themselves. Parents, restrain yourselves (as much as you can) from helping them — even if it takes them hours to complete a single task. Letting them be shows your Ox baby that you trust them and their abilities.

Be supportive

As stubborn as they are, Ox babies tend to close themselves off when they feel misunderstood and it will take time before you get in their good graces again. Try and be as supportive as you can so this doesn’t happen!

Parents of Ox babies, you’re in luck. You’ve got yourself a baby born with personality traits that are all about strength, perseverance and hard work. Nurture these traits well and you’ve got an awesome kid… ’til they hit their teens.

You’ve got this!

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