#SupportLokal: 8 Shops To Buy Christmas Gifts From

Make two people happy during the holidays: local entrepreneurs and family members with locally made Christmas gifts.

‘Tis the season to be jolly and nothing makes people happier than supporting local and buying gifts like loungewear, makeup, and jewelry made here. It makes small-time business owners and local artists happy that you support the industry and your friends for choosing a one-of-a-kind design. But where can you start buying local goodies for Christmas? We gathered a list of shops and small businesses where you can buy locally made gifts.


S+D takes pride in being a sustainable and local printing business that helps local artists unleash their passion for art on gifts such as cellphone stands, placemats, mugs, and other things. Taking the printing standard of Primex Printer, S+D makes sure that the printing quality justifies the beauty of the artist’s art. You can check out more stuff on their website at S+D MADE (sndmade.com) for more creative local Christmas gifts.

Happy Light MNL

Last year, all Rup and Pepper Henson wanted to do was to share the joy and light with everyone during this pandemic with lamps made using liquor bottles. Today, Happy Light MNL’s now celebrating their first year of sharing the light through locally made liquor bottle lamps. You can buy their lamps off their FB or IG @happylightmnl or email them at [email protected] to check what they have in stock.


Nothing says local more than hand-painted trinkets and boxes for Christmas gifts. ChriAnneArt takes pride in using resins to preserve her hand-painted artworks. For those who love the art style of Little Prince and just want to have a little box to keep all your trinkets or memories, she has hand-painted keepsake boxes that she sells on Shoppee. She also does flower preservation in resin!


A lot of us probably took yoga as a hobby during the pandemic, so why not add more to our yoga wardrobe? TheShapeShop has a variety of yoga wear to help us get in touch with our inner yogi and find inner peace. The best part is—all their cloth is sourced locally! You can shop on their website: TheShapeShop or go through their FB: TheShapeShop.

Atok Brew PH

For all of us coffee lovers out there, nothing screams holidays more than a hot cup of coffee grown by our very own Filipino farmers. Atok Brew PH takes pride in their flavored coffee in drip packets. Accompanying their coffee, they have a sweetener called balikutsa — a coconut toffee candy recipe from Mindanao. Order from their FB: Atok Brew PH or their Shopee to give your family, friends, and relatives a taste of local coffee.


Looking for clothes for kids? Barung Piblas has a wide selection of clothes that are locally made and tailored to the modern-day Pinoy. A small, retail business grown on Pampanga soil, INDÛ has a variety of shorts and shirts that look good for going out and for loungewear. It’s the perfect place to buy local gifts for home buddies.

Drunk Barista

For those who want a spike in their coffee, we’d recommend the Drunk Barista. A mix of coffee and vodka in a bottle, their coffee liqueur is good to serve even at parties or small get-togethers! Best taken as a shot or with milk, your older kids can try this out to experience safe and supervised drinking with family. Check them out on Facebook: Drunk Barista.

Buy Local, Support Local To Spread Holiday Cheer

Holidays are not only to brighten up the family holidays. They also help others remember the good cheer for Christmas. Buying from local businesses helps business owners lift their families’ spirits as it offers growth for their business to help them feed their family or make a better life for them. We may be used to buying imported brands since they look nice and fancy. But even the Philippines has something good to offer, too. Always #SupportLokal!

Looking for more locally-made items for Christmas gifts? Check out here!

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