Rediscover the Christmas Magic and Love for Family with Rustan’s

From the finest trees to the shiniest ornaments, Rustan’s brings the spirit of the magical holiday to help us reconnect with family.

As soon as we hear Jose Marie Chan’s or Michael Bublé’s music play through the speakers and see snowy villages, we know that Christmas is just around the corner. It’s a time where we gather together as a family (while still following safety protocols, of course!) and celebrate that we survived another year of hardships. Rustan’s President Donnie Tantoco sums it up quite nicely in his opening remark, “The togetherness like this, as real and imperfect as is it, is something we won’t take for granted for the rest of our days.”

Rustan’s: Christmas is Family, Family is Christmas

“When I attended a Zoom Mass in my parents’ house last Sunday wherein children would be the ones to read the readings, I was struck deeply by the first words of a little girl as she read the reading out loud, “The Lord God said, “It is not good for Man to be alone,” shares Tantoco during Rustan’s Christmas premiere. “It was then I realized, “As beautiful as we are, we cannot live alone.”

When our social lives abruptly stopped, the loneliness began to sink in. COVID-19 may have taken a lot from us but it let us rediscover our priorities. Our work no longer became the center of our lives when we first started homeschool and found family-oriented requirements. Soon, these requirements became our North Star during these hard times.

“Someone defined what a North Star is beautifully,” says Tantoco. “A North Star is a marker or an anchor in the northern sky. It is a sky marker that guides those who follow it to a purposeful destination. It is a beacon of inspiration and hope to many. Perhaps the pandemic is allowing us to reconnect with our true north star and to evaluate what north star we believe in and to find that togetherness this Christmas with our families.”

Bringing the Magical Spirit of Christmas

But what is Christmas without gifts to give and the tinsel and decor to warm up the house? You can visit the One-Stop-Shop Christmas Village where you’ll find all your Christmas needs on the 5th floor. If not a visit, Rustan’s can assign a personal shopper to handle your gift list and materials for decor in which you can communicate with them over a voice call so that they can help you complete your gift list safely. They’ll then deliver everything to you as you’re planning an awesome Christmas for you and the family.

Experience Togetherness This Christmas

Rustan’s celebrates Christmas with us by remembering all the good moments spent with family. Whether it’s online or you have the chance to physically be there for one another, sharing the good moments is something that Rustan’s wants to help us do. Take a little bit of tinsel, level up the Christmas feast, and celebrate another pandemic milestone.

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