No To Face-to-Face Classes For Now, Says This School Owner

Patricia Feraren from Child’s Home talks about her plans for her school in light of the news for face-to-face classes.

No face-to-face classes for now, Child's Home

Hearing the recent news on how some schools will attempt face-to-face classes is scaring us skinny at the thought. Our kids aren’t even vaccinated yet and not all teachers are lucky enough to get vaccinated right away. When Child’s Home school owner Patricia Feraren heard about the news, she gladly shared with us what was Child’s Home‘s plan for the year and also her feelings regarding face-to-face classes as a school owner, teacher, and mom.

Staying online and providing homeschool services

Knowing that COVID’s not letting up, Patricia Feraren understands our hesitation in sending our kids back to school. “We have to look into the risks because the lives of our families are precious to us,” says Patricia. “As a teacher and a mother, I feel that right now, we are definitely not ready for face-to-face classes. We’re also looking forward to the time when we can finally have face-to-face classes again for the children to have the full learning experience. But for now, we need to look out for what is best for everyone.”

Although it’s challenging for the parents, Child’s Home won’t be resuming face-to-face classes for now.

“We, at Child’s Home, plan to retain our online classes and Homeschooling Program, and keep it as an option even when face-to-face classes are allowed by the government,” she adds. “Although all our staff is completely vaccinated, we believe it’s still best to wait until we’re 100% sure it’s safe.”

Gradually opening up

While some schools are desperate to return back to normal, others prefer to take it in stages. “When everything is okay and the parents are ready and willing to send their kids to school, we [Child’s Home] will probably do it gradually,” reveals Patricia. “Initially, we can let the kids come to school for a short while for some outdoor play. Just so they have time outside the house.”

Although our kids will struggle staying at home for another year, it’s better than risking their health against COVID.

No parent wants to risk their child’s health against COVID. It’s not worth all the world’s knowledge! We’re anxious about the face-to-face classes and their potential to become a super spreader event. Worse, our kids will be the victims if they end up going. Although we hate disappointing our kids regarding face-to-face classes, it’s worth the rift especially when we communicate our being hesitant about it.

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