Modern Parenting Pandemic Survival Guide: How To Make It Through GCQ And Beyond

Staying at home, getting vaccinated, following social distancing — we’re doing it all, but here’s an extra helping hand from us at Modern Parenting!

With the rules constantly changing during the COVID-19 pandemic — MECQ, GCQ, who knows anymore — dealing with all the changes has been quite the struggle. While we’re currently allowed to travel (finally) out of NCR+, kids still aren’t allowed out. So what’s a family to do? Apart from keeping the kids busy at home with fun activities, celebrating special occasions at home in lieu of going out, dealing with working from home and being extra burned out, it’s a lot to handle.

We’ve pooled together all our pandemic-related resources to bring you the ultimate guide to getting through COVID-19, with your sanity (and family) in tact. Here’s the Modern Parenting Guide to making it through GCQ and surviving this pandemic with kids:

All the rules you need to know

When you’re going through a pandemic, you’re going to need to know the rules. We’ve got a comprehensive guide to what you can and can’t do with kids during Covid-19 in the Philippines. From where to take the kids (safely) to all the IATF guidelines you need to know.

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Celebrating COVID-19 style

Just because you’re stuck in lockdown it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate! All you need to do is amp up the creativity and do lots of research. Don’t have enough time? Not to worry: we’ve rounded up birthday party ideas and ways to celebrate special occasions without leaving the house.

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Surviving COVID-19 as a community

When you’re going through a pandemic, it’s comforting to know that other people are going through the same things you are. Whether its through helpful tips or full on rant sessions, hearing other people share your innermost feelings is the warm hug we never thought we needed.

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Keeping the kids busy

Think the pandemic’s been tough on you? Well, it’s been extra hard for the kiddos. They’ve had to limit their outdoor activities, they aren’t allowed to hang out with their friends or see their classmates. Need ways to keep them engaged during GCQ or MECQ? We’ve got heaps of activities to keep them busy, plus fun online classes to sign up for!

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All things vaccine related

With the vaccines slowly rolling out throughout the year and news that kids might soon get vaccinated too, it’s been a lot of mixed feelings for everyone. While some are on the fence about getting the jab and some excited at the thought of being protected from COVID-19, here are some newsworthy articles we’ve written on getting vaccinated.

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Everything you need to know about online learning

One of the biggest reasons the pandemic has been a particularly trying time is homeschooling or online learning. Parents have had to take on the role of teacher, on top of their normal parenting duties and their careers. Teachers, on the other hand, have had to adjust their lesson plans to make it more online learning friendly. Here’s what we’ve learned along the way:

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Remember, we’re all in this together, folks. We’ll get through this someday, and when we do, we’ll look back on this time as the year(s) we spent at home, bonding, learning, growing as a family. You’ve got this!

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