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Finding Success in Mahavastu with Neetu Nilishi

It’s during these devastating times where Mahavastu-expert Neetu Nilishi explains how our spiritual health can help weather the trauma caused by the pandemic.

Neetu Nilishi

“The ongoing pandemic’s brought the world to a massive slow down,” says Mahavastu-expert and Miraki Miracle House founder Neetu Nilishi. In a time when everything’s out of control, we and our families find ourselves struggling to cope. We don’t know where we are, what’s going to happen next, and how to respond. Many times, we find ourselves just reacting to the situation and feeling lost when our definition of success no longer matches the one of today.

Finding Success in Spiritual and Mental Peace

It took a lot of dabbling in odd jobs in the corporate sector for Neetu to find the spiritual and mental peace found in success. “I found that was there was still something amiss,” confides Neetu. “I couldn’t put a finger on it but I found what that thing was when I was working in Dubai. Meeting with Guru Dr. K B Bansal and enrolling in his course made me look forward to more spiritual unfoldment. His aura and words just resonated with me.”

His words and aura were the invitations she needed to start her learning about ancient Indian science. “Mahavastu is one such sacred practice that can balance our surroundings in a way that can help us raise our vibrations and keep our mental stability at peace,” explains Neetu. “I would also chant to myself, “Om dram Om Guru Dattaya Namah”. It means “May I be blessed by spiritual learning and knowledge by a great teacher in my life and may I skillfully and effectively teach and counsel others”.”

The Mahavastu Influence on Neetu and her family

Her desire for skillful and effective teaching and counsel through Mahavastu helped her and her family cope together in the pandemic. “We as a family also practice a few principles of Mahavastu. By cleaning our home, we declutter our surroundings as much as possible. Getting rid of the clutter generates positive energy to keep the mind positively charged.”

Besides decluttering, setting the mood for the environment helps Neetu Nilishi and her family keep the positive energy going. “Burning camphor/sage in different parts of the house helps neutralize negative energies,” advises Neetu. “The smell of burning camphor is also good which gives a very nice and auspicious vibration to the environment.”

In creating the best vibration that works out for her family, even the colors do matter. “Colors play a very significant role in our mental wellbeing,” explains Neetu. “For example, the color blue should be used in the North and North-East region of the house and green in the East region. Doing so will improve health and ensure clarity of thoughts to bring in creativity and innovations for business and other aspects of life.”

Words from the Founder of Miraki Miracle House

As Life continues to be unpredictable and isolating, Neetu knows how the thought could be. “Humans are social animals, and this kind of isolation can be daunting. No more visits to enchanting places, no more strolling in the malls hand in hand, no more making new friends while sitting at a pub,” says Neetu. “The Amygdala — the fear center of the brain — becomes heightened very easily during these testing times. But it’s a testing time for all of us and we need to come out as winners. For that to happen, it is vital to keep our mind and body strong.”

And in keeping her mind strong, Neetu knows that there is an appreciation to be found in everyone’s efforts to care for one another. “All the amazing efforts people are putting forth online in this time of uncertainty: free music, performances, and all sorts of positive words on how to feel better. We’re all doing our best to help each other out, and if we don’t take care of each other, well, what else do we have?”

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