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10 Places To Buy Iced Coffee in Metro Manila

Whether it’s your teen or you, here are the top 10 places we’ve found that serve the best iced coffee in Metro Manila.

Many of us love iced coffee. Some of us even swear it’s more stimulating than hot coffee. Considering Philippine heat, it’s no surprise that we chug it down like water. When we working parents are on the move or our teens are buried in schoolwork, iced coffee’s the solution to all our problems. Stressed with a non-responsive client? Drink iced coffee. Your kids’ teacher in homeschool not giving clear instructions? Iced coffee to soothe the nerves. Here are the top places to order iced coffee in Metro Manila.

Places To Buy Iced Coffee in Metro Manila

1. But First, Coffee

iced coffee metro manila

But First, Coffee is one of our favorite spots for iced coffee in Metro Manila. Their lattés are often served in mason jars which we can recycle for other things. While they have the infamously strong Vietnamese Iced Coffee and the sweet Caramel Iced Coffee, their Espresso-based iced coffees like the Salted Caramel Iced Latté and the Spanish Iced Latté mixed with their condensed milk and syrups sends you to heaven. They have three branches: one in Diliman, QC, Dela Rosa Street, Makati, and one in BF Homes Parañaque.

2. Antigo Café and Bistro

iced coffee metro manila

Antigo recently opened up along Scout Rallos, right next to the famous Purple Oven bakery and Chickey’s Whole Chicken Inasal. Their iced coffee base is a dark roast, making their drinks smoother and mildly caffeinated. Being mostly espresso-based, Antigo has Frapressos and Icedspressos for iced coffee concoctions. If you’re looking for a mildly sweet kick, we recommend the Swiss White Mocha. But if you really want something strong, they serve Cold Brew, too.

3. Kalinaw Coffee Co.

iced coffee metro manila

They have two branches in Metro Manila: one in Marikina and another along Examiner street heading into West Avenue, QC. Kalinaw Coffee Co.’s unique for using stronger beans. The majority of their iced coffees are based on Arabica beans, which means that the caffeine will be strong enough to kick us coffee addicts awake. Their Hazelnut Latté‘s a nice change of pace since most coffee places don’t normally serve this flavor.

4. Q Cup

iced coffee metro manila

West Avenue’s the road in Metro Manila where everybody goes to have their cars fixed. So while waiting, we’d recommend grabbing an iced coffee from Q Cup. They serve food and some pastries along with their iced coffee. They have two kinds of Cold Brew we’d recommend: their Black and their White concoction. If you want something to chew on which isn’t so starchy, they also have a Coffee Jelly Float so you can chew the stress away.

5. Bo’s Coffee

iced coffee metro manila

Bo’s Coffee is a staple among college students if they’re looking for iced coffee in Metro Manila. Before the pandemic, they’d offer affogato, too (gelato + espresso). They take pride in using locally grown coffee beans to make their coffee, which affects the drink’s flavor profile. Although they sell some of their bottled goods in 7-Eleven or Mini Stop, we’d prefer ordering their signature Cold White Brew. They have several branches which are accessible via Grab or Food Panda.

6. Nitro 7 Coffee and Tea Bar

Liquid Nitrogen cools almost anything upon contact which is what Nitro 7 Coffee and Tea Bar uses. Once it touches the container the coffee is in, it’ll immediately chill it into this amazing iced coffee in a matter of seconds. They have a selection of iced coffee creations like their Irish Creme Breve or their Hazelnut Caramel Mocha. But for those who just want that caffeine kick and to taste the bitterness, get their Black Nitro. You’ll know the caffeine kicks in when you can’t count 1 to 20 backward.

7. Seattle’s Best Coffee

For those who are a big fan of Kenny Rogers and have the Roaster’s Card, you can use that card to buy Seattle’s Coffee, too, since they’re owned by the same company. Seattle’s doesn’t have your typical flavors and specializes in making Java-based drinks. Their Javakulas like their Java Chip or their Brownie Javakula are good gateways or alternatives if you’re trying to lessen your caffeine intake.

8. 24/7 Coffee Feat. El Union

They have three branches in Metro Manila: one in Maginhawa, San Juan, and another in UST. 24/7 Coffee Feat. El Union’s famous not only for their coffee but also for their sandwiches. Their signature Cold Brew Brown Sugar Latté goes well with their chicken burgers and tacos. They have other iced coffee creations like their simple Cold Brew Latté and their Cold Brew Mocha.

9. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is what started ice blended coffee and has been catering to our needs for iced coffee for a long time. Their White Chocolate Dream‘s their signature iced coffee drink or you can go for their The Original Mocha or The Original Vanilla. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf may be known more for their tea mixtures but they’ve got pretty good iced coffee mixtures, too.

10. Starbucks

They have a lot more creations and they’re easy to find. Almost every corner in Metro Manila has a Starbucks lying around. You can even convert their non-coffee creations into coffee creations. Some people like turning their Strawberries and Cream into an iced coffee creation by adding an extra shot to it. But it’s Christmas so they have their beloved Toffee Nut Latté coming back to the menu for a limited time.

All these iced coffee creations in Metro Manila, so little time!

A lot of us would prefer to drink iced coffee especially since it’s so hot in Metro Manila. But it takes too much time to prepare and make, so we’d rather just find places that sell it on the go. Although the majority of the iced coffee creations have sugar included, we can ask the baristas to change it up by not putting in any sugar. Some people even make iced Americano coffees insteadm so they can put their artificial sweetener.

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