Feel Confident And Clean In These Everyday Perfumes

Looking for a go-to perfume you can wear anytime?

We feel like we’re on a never ending quest to find our holy grail everyday scent that can give us that fresh feeling all day…though who says we have to stick to one? It’s the high note to every good outfit and also a somewhat motivating way to start our day. 

And now we’re in the midst of a lockdown, it’s important to have ways to lift our spirits. Working from home can be stressful, so mood boosters are definitely an essential. Our top tip? A fresh scent that relaxes your senses and simultaneously recharges you while you work. Here are our faves…


These are a mild and delicate mixture of notes reminiscent of a laid back, sunny, summer day. They’re  perfect if you’re just beginning to explore the perfume category. 

1. Zara Ultra Juicy

It’s affordable, something you can generously apply without feeling guilty. Smell it, and you’ll immediately sense that fun, carefree flavor, perfect for a go-to perfume. It’s a daytime partner for lounging around the house on a lazy Saturday…or maybe after a hard day’s work. Like their clothes, their perfumes make you feel like you bought something more expensive. That’s why we love Zara, right? It’s quality that won’t break the bank. 

Notes: pear, gardenia and musk

2. Mediterranean Honeysuckle by Aerin Lauder

We’ve been home for quite a while now. Missing the beach? Mediterranean Honeysuckle captures the airy breeze of the seaside in a bottle. We love the fact that you can just wear this and feel effortlessly elegant and pretty. No wonder it’s so popular.

Notes: Italian bergamot, mandarin oil, grapefruit, blackcurrant buds, lily of the valley, gardenia, honeysuckle, jasmine sambac absolute, ambrox, musk

3. l’Occitane Verbena

This citrusy scent is so refreshing and is highly addicting to use. It stimulates and uplifts your senses. Lemon is actually one of the scents known to boost productivity. Do you have a ton of things to do at home? Spray some of this on and tell us if it helps. 

Notes: lemon, orange, Mediterranean verbena, petitgrain, rose and geranium

4. Clinique Happy Women

Back during college days, this everyday perfume could be spotted inside everyone’s bags. Like the perfume name suggests, this scent really does make you, well—happy. It’s mild and flexible enough to use from morning until night, something that appeals to many people. Rumor has it that Kate Hudson uses this popular perfume — perfect for her fun, bubbly personality.

Notes: orange, blood grapefruit, Indian mandarin, bergamot, apple and plum, lily of the valley, freesia, orchid, rose, mimosa, lily, magnolia, musk and amber.


If you want to keep it basic and minimalist, these scents might suit your taste. 

1. Elizabeth Arden White Tea

Sometimes, people just want to stick to the bare minimum and do away with all the unnecessary frills. This is why minimalist outfits are so popular now. You can have that option, too, when it comes to perfumes. This scent smells amazingly clean and pure. It’s perfect for those to just want to stick to the essential. 

Notes: mandarin, clary sage, white fern, sea breeze, white tea, rose, mate, Amber, madras wood, ambrette seed, and tonka bean

2. L’Eau par Kenzo pour Femme

L’Eau par Kenzo pour Femme embodies that youthful, energetic vibe we love by balancing feminite notes with clean and woody ones. It’s not overly feminine, but gives just the right amount of girliness for the outgoing wearer. Don’t we all love to feel young and empowered?

Top: reed, mint, green lilac, mandarin orange,  pink pepper
Middle: vater lily, pepper, white peach, violet, amaryllis, rose;
Base: cedar, white musk and vanilla.


Do you want to feel like a lady? Invest in a dominantly floral scent. It’s slightly more formal than the prior scents but it’s casual enough for everyday use. 

1. Amazing Grace by Philosophy 

This award-winning and bestselling scent was launched in 1996 and we can see why it’s so popular up to now. It’s soft and feminine, just like a flowy, floral, chiffon dress. It’s the perfect scent to match dressy WFH outfits, we think!

Notes: bergamot, grapefruit, mandarin orange, freesia, jasmine, rose, musk

2. My Name by Trussardi

It is a fresh, floral and delicate scent that can make one wonder where the scent is coming from. Lilac and musk is such an appealing scent because it’s distinct, yet not overpowering.

Notes: heliotrope and white violet lilac, musk, arum lily, vanilla, amber

Have you found something in the list you like? It’s amazing how wearing a good fragrance can boost your mood or inspire you to be more productive. There’s definitely room for more than one everyday scent.

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