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Declutter and Sell Pre-loved Items Through These Facebook Groups

Whether it’s because we’re moving out or welcoming a new chapter in our lives, here are some Facebook groups that can help us declutter our homes.

One parent’s clutter is another parent’s need. That much is certain. But with the prices of commodities and necessities rising, it’s more cost-efficient to invest in a second-hand item—especially if it’s still in good condition and even more so because it’s more expensive when it’s new.

While some parents choose to donate to their local churches and parishes, others like to go on social media groups to directly ask others who need anything in particular. Here are some Facebook groups that can help find us give our well-loved items a second home.

4 Facebook Groups That Help Us Give Pre-loved Items a Second Home

1. Declutter Manila

In this Facebook group, all things are free and it’s a literal Hunger Games—things are grabbed up on a first come, first serve basis. Parents in this group usually offer baby clothes, clothes for teens, and even office shoes for young professionals. If you’re looking for a place to “donate” directly to a family who needs it, Declutter Manila is the place to go!

They’re also one of the few groups that allows you to declutter furniture pieces.

2. The Hungry Closet

Some of us tend to dive into the trends and impulsively buy pieces that don’t reflect us at all. Or, we find ourselves stuck with piles of baby clothes and don’t have the heart to repurpose them into something else.

The answer? The Hungry Closet. This Facebook group helps parents declutter closets. It also accepts both free and sale posts for our pre-loved fashion pieces.

3. Let’s Declutter

Managed by digital creator Donna Tella, Let’s Declutter has several groups to accommodate its growing list of members. While people can post freely what they want to declutter, the privilege to sell is a one-time payment option wherein approved sellers get seller IDs.

The admins do this to lessen the amount of scammers in the group since they also monitor the posts. In the group, each member can only post three listings daily.

4. Loved, Hoarder, and Declutter (Luxe for Less)

After using our branded items for a long time, it hurts to consider them as part of the clutter. But when we’re welcoming a new baby or moving houses, we have to make room for new things.

While decluttering, we meticulously screen if they’re going to a good home and if the person can afford it. That being said, some parents have found success with the Facebook group Loved, Hoarder, and Declutter (Luxe for Less) for their luxury items.

Rules for Decluttering

When joining a Facebook group that’s meant to declutter, don’t expect to find any new items, given that the admins don’t allow posts for brand-new items.

Also, don’t expect to make a sale off the bat. While members know that the items you’re putting out are pre-loved, you should expect a lot of questions about its quality, reason for selling, and if there are any damages on the item. What’s more, be prepared to take a lot of photos and videos of the actual item so potential buyers will know how it looks.

While platforms like this make it a lot easier to give or sell pre-loved items away, our two key tips in making sure your items go to the right places include posting at least the city you’re in and clearly stating: “SF (Shipping Fee) c/o buyer.”

That at least reduces unnecessary questions and the number of “joy miners.” These are people who just reserve but never claim the item anyway. But at least through these Facebook groups, we can declutter our homes, make some fast cash, and give our pieces a second home.

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