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8 Familiar Songs About Father And Child

Some of the most popular songs about father and child still continue to tell a story despite being written many years ago.

Bonding with a mom is different from bonding with a dad. And some of the stories are actually told through songs, which we have heard growing up in our youth. We selected eight familiar songs and shared some insights behind the singer or songwriter’s story. Here are songs about father and child, and how these talk about relationships with dads.

Daughters by John Mayer

John Mayer reminds fathers that how they treat their daughters will impact them when they grow up. Hence, they must treat them right.

Father and Son by Cat Stevens

This is one of the most familiar songs about fathers giving advice and words of wisdom to their sons. Cat Stevens’ classic has been remade several times including Irish boyband Boyzone’s version in the ’90s.

Dance with My Father by Luther Vandross

The Luther Vandross song has become iconic for many weddings of brides dancing with their fathers. But the song basically tells a memory of a child whose happy days are he or she remembers after the death of the dad.

Papa Don’t Preach by Madonna

The lyrics say all. And the fact that it’s a Madonna classic makes it a must-listen-to regarding relationships with dads. The song was also remade by Kelly Osbourne.

Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) by John Lennon

The late John Lennon composed this song for his son Sean, who he initially had a distant relationship with after divorcing his mom.

Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton together with Will Jennings wrote the song as a tribute to Clapton’s son Conor who died at the age of 4. The song also served as healing for those who grieved for the death of their loved ones.

Thank You Pa by Ogie Alcasid

OPM icon Ogie Alcasid wrote the song as a tribute to his late father and to all the fathers out there.

Sing Me Your Song Again Daddy by Jose Mari Chan and Cherie Gil

Jose Mari Chan, one of the country’s OPM icons, teams up with veteran actress Cherie Gil in this song about the relationship between father and daughter.

Protector no matter what

While there are a lot of fo dads who don’t show their emotions, it doesn’t mean they do not care for their kids. Sometimes they just express it in different ways just like music which has become the love language for many.

Songs About Father And Child

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