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11 Cool Dads to Follow on Instagram

Looking for more inspiration on Instagram? Follow these cool dads for fun posts about family, fitness, cars, and more. 

We often talk about moms to follow on Instagram but we can’t forget about dads! Especially during this month that celebrates fathers, we’ve come up with a list of dads to follow – whether you’re into fitness, motorcycles, traveling, or you just want to add interesting content to your feed. These dads also love showing off their beautiful families and we’re here for it. 

Here are 11 cool dads you should follow on IG right now:

1. Erwan Heussaff

Erwan is a content creator known for his food videos, cooking battles with his sister Solenn, and also as the husband of actress Anne Curtis. He’s a new dad to daughter Dahlia and his account is sprinkled with her adorable photos. His YouTube channel FEATR has over 2 million followers and features entertaining cooking and travel videos. Follow him if you’re a foodie and if you want beautiful Anne and Dahlia to make a cameo on your feed. 

2. Eric Dee Jr.

Eric is a scion of a well-known food and beverage family, but he has also made a name for himself as co-founder and CEO of Sunnies Studios. Husband to Bea Soriano-Dee and dad to 2 young children, Eric’s account is full of adorable photos of his family and snippets from his entrepreneurial life. If you need some help in the fashion department, Eric is known for his contemporary style and you’re sure to pick up some style tips from him.

3. Drew Arellano

Hip dad Drew has 3 young children with his wife Iya Villania. As a travel host and sports enthusiast, his account is full of out-of-town trips and bike rides. We love his funny captions and his love for his family clearly shows in his posts. Follow him for a glimpse into his entertaining family life and picturesque travel posts. 

4. Kim Atienza

Kim, better known as Kuya Kim to most people, is a multi-hyphenate who is best-known for being a TV host and weather anchor. He’s also an athlete, avid collector of Art and animals, and proud family man to wife Felicia Atienza and dad to 3 kids. His account shows him staying active through running, biking, and riding his various motorcycles around the country. Follow him if you’re a fan of motorcycles, and for health tips and fitness inspiration.

5. Ryan Agoncillo

We love getting a glimpse of actor and host Ryan’s family life with wife Judy Ann Santos – Agoncillo. He often posts beautiful photos of their family’s everyday life, their restaurant Angry Adobo, and riding his bike. We enjoy seeing him and Judy Ann affectionate towards each other and his love for his kids shine through all his posts. Follow him if you’re a foodie and a motorcycle enthusiast.  

6. Slater Young

Slater is a content creator, entrepreneur, and husband to fellow popular digital content creator Kryz Uy. He’s also a former champion of the reality show Pinoy Big Brother, so he’s well-versed in sharing openly online. He’s a new dad and their adorable son Scottie recently turned 1 year old. We love seeing scenes of their life in Cebu and we must admit that a big reason we follow him is to see their beautiful house, Skypod. 

7. Doug Kramer

Doug is a former PBA champion and also the husband of actress Cheska Kramer. They have 3 kids and together they’re also known as Team Kramer. We’re sure you’re familiar with their whole family, thanks to their many TV commercials, but his feed is a refreshing peek into their everyday life and their beautiful Antipolo home. 

8. Paolo Valenciano

We love that Paolo always is real and authentic in his posts. He talks about how the pandemic has affected him and his family, including sharing about how increased gadget use (thanks to being home all the time) affected his daughter Leila for a while. We can relate to his experiences being a dad and we’re sure you’ll be able to as well. Check out their YouTube channel The Other Vees for a more in-depth look into his family life.

9. Chris Tiu

Chris is best-known for basketball, but he is also a TV host and entrepreneur. His account features his wife Clarisse and their 2 daughters. One thing that might surprise you is that Chris is a talented pianist and he often posts short videos of himself playing the piano, including songs from the popular K-drama Crash Landing On You. Follow him for inspirational posts and to enjoy his musical talents. 

10. Hayden Kho

Hayden is known as the husband of Dr. Vicki Belo and dad of adorable Scarlet Snow. However, he has also become a celebrity in his own right and his account is an entertaining mix of family photos, work-related activities, and travels. Hayden is often featured in various fashion and lifestyle magazines, so if you’re looking for some fashion tips for dads, you’ll also find them here. 

11. Marvin Agustin

If you’re a millennial, you probably know who Marvin Agustin is. A popular actor who is also now well-known as a chef and restaurateur, his account revolves around food. You’ll definitely feel hungry after seeing his delicious-looking food posts that range from ensaymada to tuna caldereta. Marvin features dishes from his growing number of restaurants and we’re sure you’ll find a new dish you want to try after you start following his account.

These dads are sure to liven up your Instagram feed. From fitness to travel to sports, our cool dads have got you covered. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

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