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Family Life in the Year 2022: The Year of the Water Tiger

As Chinese New Year comes around this February 1, 2022, here’s what Feng Shui expert Marites Allen has to say about family life in the year of the Water Tiger.

In Feng Shui, the year of the Tiger’s one of the most aggressive years. But with the element of water, it’s a year of vitality and life. As life slowly returns to normal, there are a lot of things we want to do but we’re not sure where to start or what to do first. Owner and founder of Frigga, Feng Shui expert Marites Allen shares with us what family life may be like at home during the Year of the Water Tiger, what to expect with our Tiger-born kids and how knowing our kids’ zodiacs and our own can keep the harmony at home.

Family Life with Tiger Kids

In real life, we know tigers to be majestic but extremely independent creatures. According to Marites Allen, children born under the Year of the Tiger are not too far off from their zodiac animal. She shares, “Usually, what they say about Tiger children is that they’re very independent and are more reliable. They’re the kind of kids who love doing things on their own. But, they’re also quite temperamental. They can be easy to tame but when they get upset, they get quite inconsolable.”

Because of their domineering presence, Marites jokes that some families are not too keen on their kids marrying a person born in the year of the tiger. “Sometimes, parents don’t approve of a marriage between a son and a tiger daughter. They believe that when they argue, their son gets overpowered. So, they often say ‘if you do get married to a tiger, just don’t argue with it. You’re bound to lose’,” she jokes.

Family Life with Different Zodiacs

Sometimes, there can be a lot of fights and miscommunications in the family which can be because their zodiacs just never got along. Marites describes these relationships in sets and that some zodiacs have “allies” in the family. She explains, “Our zodiac often comes with allies, like a set. Like, for family members born in the Year of the Tiger, they can find allies in those who are born in the Year of the Horse, Dog, and a fellow Tiger.”

Finding allies amongst the zodiacs doesn’t just work in love and relationships. In family life, the affinities show themselves in parenting as well, according to Marites as she recounts the dynamics in her own family. “My husband being an Ox-born gets along well with my daughter who’s a rooster. They’re allies in the zodiac so there’s already that strong affinity and she’s quite the daddy’s girl. Sometimes, they even have activities that I don’t know about,” she laughs.

How to maintain good Feng Shui for family life in the Year of the Tiger

Even with good readings, Marite stresses that there are three kinds of luck to look for to maintain good Fengshui for our family life during the year of the tiger. She explains, “There are 3 kinds of luck in this life: Heaven’s Luck (Luck from birth), Earth Luck (what Feng shui is about), Human Luck (based on your actions). But it only takes 2/3 to be successful in life. For family life this year, the star of misfortune is currently in the center of the home. So, make sure there are no disturbances there. That means no renovations, drilling, digging, etc. Use the energy of what’s around you. You can prove your stars wrong with hard work.”

Feng Shui expert Marites Allen currently owns a shop known as Frigga where you can buy all sorts of things to improve your readings amongst the stars. You can check them out here. Or, you can have a consultation with her via You can follow her also Instagram or inquire through this number: 09209509390.

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