I Want To Share Gala: A Charity Ball To Fight Against Cancer

Gathering the brightest and most creative minds in various fields, the “I Want To Share” Gala transforms fashion into a force of good for families struggling in the fight against cancer.

Fighting cancer is a family effort; many families have lost their loved ones to it, either because the technology didn’t exist or because they didn’t want to spend their last vestiges of life surrounded by machines in a hospital. But the fight against the inevitable should never end on a technicality. The I Want To Share Gala gathers the brightest and most innovative of minds to transform fashion into funds that would further the progress of cancer studies and technology to help Filipino families live fulfilling lives.

“It’s time for bigger things and greater goals,” challenges I Want To Share Foundation founder, Sheila Romero. “Let’s help cancer patients continue to live, laugh, and love. Let’s leave them a legacy that they will treasure forever!”

I Want To Share Gala: A Charity Ball To Fight Against Cancer
Photo by KLIQ

The Rallying Cry That Created Brighter Futures

Held in Shangri-La The Fort last September 15, 2023, the gala has a unique element that makes it stand out from many other fashion shows. While renowned designers like Mark Bumgarner, Rajo Laurel, Andrea Tetangco, Avel Bacudio, Martin Bautista, and many others proudly displayed their craft, the models who wore their creations elevated them with their stories of resilience as survivors against cancer.

“It’s an honor to be part of this — to showcase my talent and share my creations with these people,” Andrea Tetangco beams with pride.

But beneath the seams of these bespoke pieces lies the genuine motive to create more resources that will help children with cancer. The event hopes to raise funds to further the Childhood Cancer Helpline, which will support kids in helping them find ways to thrive beyond their diagnosis.

Cancer can take a toll on families, financially and emotionally. This is not a battle that families should be forced to face alone.

I Want To Share Gala: A Charity Ball To Fight Against Cancer
Photo by KLIQ

How Parents Can Support Others in Their Battle Against Cancer

Many Filipinos often offer prayers but there are some of us who want to offer something a little more concrete for no parent should ever bury their own child because of a technicality that made them lose against cancer. The I Want To Share foundation has various programs such as the “I Want To Share My Hair” campaign and also programs to make sure that these young survivors, who have bet everything they had to pay for their cancer treatment, still manage to thrive by making sure they graduate. But this gala aims to manifest a new hope: two specialized rooms and a nurturing nurse’s station at the Bone Marrow Transplant Center at Philippine General Hospital, comforting kids who need a Bone Marrow transplant to survive.

And if we’re looking for more ways to help families achieve fulfilling lives and beat cancer then, we can check the Instagram and Facebook of the I Want To Share Foundation. Every form of help counts!

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