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Filipino Families are Booking Vacation Rentals as Travel Restrictions Ease

Vacation rentals are sprouting in different parts of the country.

A lot of us miss traveling because of the pandemic. With vaccination rollout and restrictions slowly easing up in parts of the country, Filipinos can slowly but surely return to traveling and start booking vacation rentals.

The Department of Tourism in the past months has rolled out several measures to encourage Filipinos to travel and visit parts of the country. This means talking with local government units and travel organizations on how to enjoy the country with safety still in place. 

Although the opportunity to travel is now available, there are new rules and protocols to consider for everyone’s safety. And with the Christmas holidays approaching, the online bookings and places to go to are on their list.

Here are some tips to think of before booking a vacation!

1. Check the protocols of the city or province you are heading to

vacation rentals in the philippines

One thing we’ve learned in the pandemic is that each city, province, or municipality has its own rules for those coming into their area. Make sure to check with the local government unit or look at their social media accounts for changes to their rules.

2. Book the place where you will spend the night

It’s important that you check the places you can stay and compare the price if you are on a budget. A number of Airbnb’s have sprouted in the past years so it might be a better option to book one rather than a hotel. 

Booking an Airbnb is an advantage because some of the amenities it may have can save you money—like cooking your own food.

3. Take a PCR test or bring your vaccination card with you

A PCR test or vaccination card is crucial because this will determine whether you can travel or not. This is also one way of doing your part in staying healthy and not spreading the virus to others.

Those with vaccination cards can be lucky because some establishments these days give a discount.

4. Map out your travel itinerary

There are some people who prefer to do a spur-of-the-moment trip like heading to places that tourists rarely go to. But there are some who follow an itinerary This is quite handy for those who are not familiar with the place they will travel to.

5. Book your airplane tickets or gas up the car

vacation rentals in the philippines

Once you have made your plans, think about the transportation. You either book a plane ticket or need to gas up your car for the road trip you will be doing. 

Don’t forget as well to have emergency numbers on your mobile phone to call just in case.

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