Why Firefly is a Film That Kids and Parents Need to See

Firefly reminds parents that kids’ dreams matter and that their stories are important to listen to.

Parents often tell and share stories with their kids during bedtime. In the case of Firefly, GMA Pictures’ entry to this Metro Manila Film Festival goes beyond bedtime stories. It points to parents and adults that a child’s dream matters despite how it may sound crazy to many.

The film won Best Picture during the Awards Night last December 27 and it deserves it because of a touching storyline and its values everyone can learn from. Here are some reasons why it’s a must-watch movie.

Source: Firefly

The story of a mother and son bond

Elay (Alessandra de Rossi) tries to provide and assure her son Tonton (Euwenn Mikael) that everything will be okay despite the bullying he gets from older kids. Elay’s love for Tonton is one of the reasons that pushed him to look for the cave of the Fireflies, a story his mother shared with him to comfort him.

Strangers can be your friends

Kids have often been told not to speak to strangers. But in Tonton’s case, the strangers he met on his way to Ticao – Louie (Epy Quizon), Billy (Miguel Tanfelix), and Erika (Ysabel Ortega), decided to help in his adventure despite some misgivings. Along the way, they also understand Tonton’s adventure and learn from it – that a boy’s tale is also a path to their purpose and forgiveness in their struggles in life.

Conquering one’s fear

In Firefly, a grown-up Tonton (Dingdong Dantes) recalled the trauma he always remembers – his father hitting his mom. This manifests in the form of a huge black dog, which Tonton often imagines and frightens him as seen several times in the movie. But thanks to the story of the firefly, Tonton conquered his fear, recalling what his mom told him – sometimes the smallest is the bravest.

Source: Firefly

Tonton’s story is the story of every kid

Tonton eventually becomes Anthony Alvarado, a children’s writer who wrote about Firefly. In his speech, he said he never thought he would get to where he was – being a story writer. But thanks to his mother who inspired him, he eventually reached for his dreams and this was witnessed by his aunt and his friends who were there during the awards.

Tonton is like any child who dreams. And like our kids and nephews out there, let’s encourage them to dream and be adventurous. If there is one lesson parents can take from the film, it’s not to shrug off their child’s ambition. Because your support matters.

Overall, the movie Firefly makes families emotional but with wholesome feelings the moment everyone steps out.

Not convinced by this review? Check out the trailer!

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