5 Lessons Kids and Teens Can Learn From the Film GomBurZa

The GomBurza movie is more than just history for teens and kids to read and watch – it’s a film that teaches them what is right and wrong.

We’ve all read and heard about the three priests known as GomBurza – Fathers Mariano Gomes, Jose Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora thanks to documentaries, books, and Jose Rizal’s El Filibusterismo. As part of the Metro Manila Film Festival 2023, the story of the martyr priests is once again brought to life by actors Dante Rivero, Enchong Dee, and Cedrick Juan under the direction of Pepe Diokno.

The GomBurZa movie comes at a time when today’s generation seems to have forgotten the country’s history. This film is a perfect opportunity to learn not only names in a textbook; but, also the lessons they can apply to their respective lives.

Lessons from GomBurZa

The importance of choices

Throughout the movie, Father Pedro Pelaez (Piolo Pascual) teaches Pepe Burgos about the importance of making choices. Pelaez was not just a mentor but also a brother and father figure to Pepe. When Pelaez died, Pepe Burgos vowed to himself he would continue his work despite the risks.

Father Gomes also served as a mentor and brother figure to Burgos. It was also Gomes who reminded Burgos that their death sentence may have a reason, which we all know paved the way for the changes in Philippine history.

Mentorship and the importance of core values

Like how Pelaez has taught him, Burgos taught and inspired his two students — Felipe Buencamino and Paciano Mercado Rizal the importance of equality and what is right. While there were moments he reprimanded them, Burgos told them to do what was right.

Not everyone is a friend

Kids and teens meet people along the way and some of these people become friends. But in the case of Burgos and Gomes, some people can simply betray them as seen in a scene from the court martial implicating them of insurrection and mutiny. Not everyone will be a friend to you. Some will use you and leave you after getting what they need.

Trust and Truth matter

Throughout the GomBurza movie, trust has been tackled in so many situations. Pelaez trusted Burgos he would continue the fight and Burgos trusted his students to know what was right. Another important value is that of the truth, something that the friars have tried to keep from the Filipino secular priests.

Truth and trust go beyond politics, it matters in every situation kids and teens face in their day-to-day lives. Truth can hurt but in an age where disinformation is rampant, today’s youth must learn to dissent and think to make the right decision.

Patriotism is not just about the revolution, it’s about the heart

We all know that the death of the priests was a triggering factor to the Philippine revolution. But more than the fight for independence and equality, it is also the fight for what is just and what the heart says. The heart knows the emotions and it’s these emotions that today’s generation must learn to look into – to know what is right and what is wrong when it comes to their actions.

Parents should also watch the GomBurza movie!

We always teach our children to be good, to be patriotic, and to know what is right. But as parents, we also need to take time and ask ourselves if what we’re teaching our kids is right for them. Parents should also watch the GomBurza movie not only because they can educate their children but also because they can educate themselves on what the meaning of being Filipino is nowadays.

GomBurza is currently showing in cinemas. Not convinced? Here’s the trailer below!

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