Restaurants To Celebrate Our Baby’s Garden-Themed Birthday

Flowers are all the rage when celebrating our daughter’s birthdays and here are some places that easily match the garden birthday theme!

Whenever we want to celebrate our baby girl’s birthday, we want it to be filled with flowers or look like a garden. It reminds us of the open air and the fresh start of a new chapter as she slowly blooms into a beautiful lady. Although we love the freedom and flexibility in styling empty event spaces, we moms may not have the time or energy to DIY or be hands-on with the stylist. To make things easier in styling the most blooming garden birthday for our baby girls, here are some restaurants within and beyond the Metro that already match the theme.

Restaurants To Celebrate Our Baby's Garden-Themed Birthday

1. Relish: Hello Happiness

Hidden in Scout Limbaga Street along Tomas Morato, Relish‘s white and green decor sets the vibe for the perfect European garden-themed intimate birthday party. They have two private rooms, one upstairs and one downstairs which is perfect in case our grandparents are coming over. Some of our favorites from Relish include their Amazing Artichoke Dip with Tostitos that’s just oozing with cheese and their heartwarming and tender Osso Bucco that just melts in our mouths.

To reserve or inquire, you can call their cellphone: 0961 153 8976.

Lola Cafe

2. Lōla Café

Styled in wrought iron and white like a Mediterranean terrace, Lōla Café is another gem near Tomas Morato that creates the breezy ambiance that we love at garden parties. The French Door-esque window designs allow the natural sunlight to come in, creating an illusion of a wide space which is a must for garden-themed birthdays. Their menu consists of many home-cooked Filipino recipes with a twist, such as their Chorizo Hubad Pasta and their Bicol Express which enriches the heritage home garden theme the owners styled their restaurant after.

Flossom Kitchen Cafe

3. Flossom Kitchen Café

Nestled in N. Averilla Street along Wilson Street, San Juan, Flossom Kitchen Café combines both dried and fresh flowers to create a garden that forever blooms. Especially for intimate birthday parties, relatives and guests will enjoy the flower walls in the restaurant that they can use to create IG-worthy photos. As a favored brunch place for those who live in the Greenhills area, they also have Unli-Wine for the “cool” moms and tapas sets for the guests. For the big eaters, they have rice meals and plates like their Apple Butter Porkchop or their Tuscan Salmon Florentine.

They also have a catering package which we usually inquire about through their Facebook or call at (02) 238 5857.

Restaurants To Celebrate Our Baby's Garden-Themed Birthday

4. Salvatore Cuomo Café

A frequented coffee joint among the professionals of Ortigas, Salvatore Cuomo Café on the ground floor of Podium Mall also exhibits some fresh vibes for an Italian garden-themed birthday. With their trees in the middle of their brick-walled restaurant, all it needs is a few floral centerpieces to make the place bloom for a birthday. They have some kid-friendly dishes as well such as their Margherita Napoli–style pizza or their Quattro Formagi.

Wholesome Table

5. The Wholesome Table

More for those who wish for farm-like garden themes in the urban jungle of Makati or BGC, The Wholesome Table, founded by Bianca Elizalde, offers healthy and organic meals. Decorated with some trees and some vines, it creates a relaxing vibe for the family who would prefer a quiet and intimate garden birthday for their baby girl. Their menu also has some vegan options, like the Vegan Poke Bowl.


6. Nono’s

What we love about Nono’s in BGC is their family-friendly dishes and the place, being so brightly lit and painted in garden colors, already exudes the vibe for a garden birthday. Although their place might need a little more styling to make the floral theme more explicit, the warm white lights create a home-y feeling that we love for our baby girl’s birthday. As for their dishes, we’re sure the kids of the family will love their Country-style Fried Chicken.

Marcia Adams

7. Marcia Adams

For destination spots for our baby girl’s garden birthday, Marcia Adams’ alfresco and gazebo garden-like design creates that breezy and cozy environment for a quiet birthday. Filled with flowers inside and outside, Cavite’s Marcia Adams has catered to many families who wished to dine in the company of nature.

Marcia Adams is currently located in Alfonso, Cavite.

A breezy garden-themed birthday to keep our baby girls happy!

When we find the restaurant that fits our theme exactly, it saves a lot of time and pressure to create the perfect birthday party. But we love planning garden-themed birthdays because it gives us a chance to dress up and relive our Bridgerton dreams when styled right. Most of all, our baby girls will feel more comfortable in a place that’s brightly lit and big. And while we probably have baby food prepared for them to eat, these garden-themed restaurants are also a treat to the family who will be celebrating with us, too.

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