PHOTOS: Skye Magno Celebrates His 3rd Birthday with a Safari Party

Max Collins and Pancho Magno got together to celebrate their son Skye’s 3rd birthday party.

Max Collins and Pancho Magno reunited to celebrate their son Skye Magno’s third birthday party last July 7. The party was held at Sky Lab in Robinsons where the family was dressed in Safari-themed outfits.

“What a fun and love-filled 3rd birthday celebration for our @skyecollinsmagno here @playlabph,” Pancho captioned the reel.

“It will never be complete without our friends, family, and of course food! Thank you Lord God!”

Source: magnopancho Instagram

Nice Print Photos also shared pictures of the party on their social media accounts.

Skye Magno and Max Collins
Source: niceprintphoto Instagram
Max Collins, Skye, and Pancho Magno
Source: niceprintphoto Instagram
Source: niceprintphoto Instagram

Still friends and co-parenting

Last month, Max Collins confirmed that she and Pancho Magno have separated. Although they have parted, they have been doing their best to co-parent Skye.

“It worked out the best for us kasi when he was growing up, never niya kami nakita magkasama. He doesn’t have a memory of that,” she told TV host Boy Abunda.

“So he’s used to it na ‘when I’m with Mommy, I’m with Mommy. When I’m with Daddy, I’m with Daddy.’ He [always] looks forward to seeing the other one because he gets the best of each of us.”

The couple married back in 2017. Max recently appeared in the GMA family comedy Walang Matigas na Pulis sa Matinik na Misis, starring Bong Revilla and Beauty Gonzalez.

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