Max Collins Opens Up on Co-Parenting with Pancho Magno

During an interview with Boy Abunda, actress Max Collins discussed how she and her estranged husband Pancho Magno are co-parenting their son Skye.

Actress Max Collins confirmed that she and actor Pancho Magno have been separated for some time now, finally putting rumors of their breakup to rest. During an interview on Fast Talk with Boy Abunda on Monday, May 29, the Walang Matigas na Pulis sa Matinik na Misis star, said that she and Pancho tried to work things out but decided it was best to separate. The two share a son, Skye.

It was an amicable separation

“We split up a long time ago during the pandemic,” she shared. “We didn’t talk about it because marami kaming pinagdaanan as a family that time.”

Max mentioned that so many things happened and she had to process everything. “I want to quiet these. I didn’t want to hear anyone’s opinions, suggestions, comments because artista na po ako at ayoko naman gawin teleserye yung buhay namin because we’re not here for comments.”

Although the separation was amicable, Max said that the beginning was hard. “We needed to try spending time apart to see how that would work because we had a son to think about. And to be honest, I like to believe that in order to have a happy child, his parents should be happy.”

Max added that she and Pancho are now okay and that she even sought his permission to speak during the interview.

Max Collins on co-parenting Skye with Pancho

According to Max, she and Pancho have a good co-parenting relationship when it comes to their son. Asked by Boy if Skye wonders about the setup, Max answered: “It worked out the best for us kasi when he was growing up, never niya kami nakita magkasama. He doesn’t have a memory of that.”

“So he’s used to it na ‘when I’m with Mommy, I’m with Mommy. When I’m with Daddy, I’m with Daddy.’ He [always] looks forward to seeing the other one because he gets the best of each of us.”

Max Collins is co-parenting her son Skye
Source: Max Collins Instagram

As for lessons in her relationship and marriage, Max said that she learned to be honest with a partner. “You have to respect yourself enough to love yourself and leave the table when your needs are not being met. This does not go for everyone. I’m sorry if I offend anyone but that’s what I’ve learned; to love myself more and to know what makes me happy and what could make me the best version of myself because you only have one life to live.”

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