Gary V on Voting for the 2022 PH Elections: “It’s Never Too Late”

Gary V shares that he’s still a first-time voter even at 57 years old.

If we think we’re too late to vote at ages 40-50 then, Gary V proves our vote still matters no matter how old we are. Multi-awarded dancer and singer Gary V shared that he was a “first-time” voter when he joined the endorsement and proclamation rallies to hit off the campaign season. He mentions that although he doesn’t post much, he felt the need to post his proclamation. He also declares his support in the same video who he plans to support this upcoming 2022 PH Elections.

Pure Inspiration from Mr. Pure Energy

Popularly known as Mr. Pure Energy, Gary V’s declaration sent Twitter abuzz. There were mixed responses from “why only now” to cheers of encouragement for the artist. But the majority of the comments encouraged and applauded him. A lot of the comments came from netizens who also urged others to vote for this upcoming 2022 PH Elections, trying to rid the Philippines of “late voter’s shame”.

As far as the 1987 Constitution is concerned, Filipinos can vote if they are of legal age. That usually means 18 and above, provided they have the necessary government documents to register.

It’s “never too late”

Some of us are around Gary V’s age but are ashamed to admit that we’ve often never cared about the elections. For us, we learned for many years that we just worked with what we had. But we can think of this vote as part of our responsibility as parents. We know that our lives are half over; we’re on a one-way ticket trip to retirement age. But our vote matters to creating a better future for our kids so that they’ll have more opportunities and fewer hardships.

And if we can’t vote because we missed the deadline due to fear of COVID-19, inspire those who think their vote doesn’t matter. Even if it’s just through conversations and social media posts, we know that our efforts will be the proverbial pebble that will start an avalanche.

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