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Get Stuff’d in This New Kebab and Burrito Chain

Filled with flavor and packed with delicious offerings, Mexican-Turkish restaurant Stuff’d opens its first flagship store here in the Philippines.

With food at the forefront of every Filipino’s mind (and stomach), there are just as many cuisines and restaurants that can satisfy just about any craving. From local homegrown joints to international favorites flown into the Philippines, the possibilities are absolutely endless.

Take for example the delicious offerings that Singapore has to offer. While foremost known for its Hawker-style stalls and heartwarming fare, this country is also the birthplace of yet another vibrant casual dining concept: Stuff’d. And good news, it is finally here in the Philippines!

A Feast for the Eyes and Mouth

Proudly halal-certified and headquartered in Singapore, Stuff’d was founded in 2014 and was the first to merge Al Pastor-styled burrito with Western-styled spit-grilled kebabs. With almost 40 outlets in Singapore, Stuff’d is determined to bring its tasty, nutritious, great value, and freshly prepared meals to other parts of the country—including the Philippines.

Thus, Stuff’d opened its inaugural flagship store in the heart of Quezon City: Eastwood City. With an indoor seating capacity of 40, its colorful interiors and ambiance welcome Filipino food enthusiasts to join them on a culinary journey.

Guided by an inventive blend of Mexican and Turkish influences, Stuff’d promises meticulously curated dishes that use fresh ingredients that create a lasting impression. Think kebabs, burritos, and quesadillas—well-loved favorites that are made for adventurous foodies with an adventurous flair.

And for its Filipino customers, Stuff’d introduces two Philippine-exclusive new creations: the wholesome Grain Bowl and the indulgent Cinnamon Chips.

Made with two servings of grains, crisp lettuce, and zesty tomato salsa, The Grain Bowl is complemented by a choice of adobo black beans or buttered corn, paired with succulent grilled chicken or savory beef chili con carne.

On the other hand, the Cinnamon Chips are a delight for any sweet tooth—a blend of aromatic cinnamon and sugar on every chip, finished off with a drizzle of bittersweet chocolate sauce.

Must-haves From Stuff’d

With many options to choose from, each visit promises a wholly new experience. Looking to indulge in a full meal? Stuff’d offers its vibrant take on kebabs—grilled chicken or beef chili con carne paired with fresh vegetables and sauces wrapped in a warm, soft-pressed tortilla.

Want a handheld option that is both hearty and convenient? The Stuff’d burrito is just the right choice. While it uses the same chicken or beef chili con carne variations as the kebab, the difference is that it combines tomato salsa and sour cream to create that delectable bite along with fresh iceberg lettuce.

(Pro tip: Feel free to customize your sauce through available options like the crowd-favorite BBQ sauce or the more mellow mayo cucumber.)

Looking for a snack that is filling but not too filling? Give the pan-roasted quesadillas a try! Available in grilled chicken or beef chili con carne, this dish is filled with iceberg lettuce and drenched in salsa and sour cream. But the real kicker is the accompanying spice it has—all thanks to the Stuff’d habanero sauce.

If you want to control the portions of your meal, the Daily Bowl is up your alley. This customizable meal item lets you choose five toppings to accompany either the grilled chicken or beef chili con carne. Sauces include a sweet Thai chili or roasted sesame sauce—perfect for every flavor profile.

And finally, the Nacho Chips. An excellent pairing to all menu items, it features creamy cheese, sour cream, and salsa atop crispy nacho chips. And really, who can resist some tasty chips in between meals?

Definitely Worth a Visit!

With diverse offerings for any occasion and preference, Stuff’d is definitely a good spot for meals with family. Plus, it’s a good way to introduce a different cuisine to kids. Not only do they get to choose what they want to eat, but they get their healthy fix, too!

“The inauguration of Stuff’d’s flagship store at Eastwood Mall marks the beginning of an exciting culinary
voyage for Filipino food aficionados, promising a fusion of flavors that transcend borders,” the company expresses. “Stuff’d redefines casual dining with its exceptional blend of Mexican-Turkish delights—now within reach at the heart of Quezon City.”

Photos from Stuff’d

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