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Modern Parenting’s New 2021 Holiday Food Finds

Check out our list of new food finds for the holidays.

We’re always looking for the best new food finds—especially for the holidays. There are so many cool party trays, snacks, and treats that the whole family can enjoy. Although we’re slowly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, we’re hoping that once our kids and teens are vaccinated, everything will return to normal. But for now, we can still celebrate the Christmas season with these new holiday food finds and send them over to our relatives near and far.

Our 2021 Holiday Food Finds

1. Rico’s Frozen Lechong Baka

holiday food find
Photo grabbed Rico’s Lechon Instagram

If it’s not the usual Lechon, go for Rico’s Frozen Lechong Baka instead! We always have that one party dish on the table that’s either a heart attack on a plate or can serve as pica-pica towards the end of the meal. That’s what Rico’s Lechong Baka is for. It’s a simple marinade of pepper, salt, and spices that can go with anything. Once you toast it in an oven or heat in a pan, it’s perfect to pair with some aglio olio pasta or fried rice.

holiday food find
Photo grabbed Rico’s Lechon Instagram

2. Baliwag’s Ready-to-Eat Meals

holiday food find
Photo grabbed Baliwag Lechon’s Instagram

From Pork Binagoongan to Crispy Bagnet, Baliwag‘s got a huge selection of frozen foods that we can buy for Christmas. Instead of scampering around and pulling out our hair over food delivery apps at the last minute, we can just order the frozen ones. They’re easy to keep and once the holidays come around, we can just toss them into a pan or toaster oven to get them nice and cooked.

holiday food find
Photo grabbed Baliwag Lechon’s Instagram

3. Gringo’s new Cuban Beef Lechon

holiday food find
Photo grabbed Gringo’s Facebook Page

To send a holiday Hola to our Spanish relatives from far, far away, Gringo has a new item on the menu: their Cuban Beef Lechon. Originally known for their spiced ribs and chicken, Gringo explores the possibility of creating their own Beef Lechon with it. Add some spiced rice, garlic mushrooms, and some plantains for a finish, Gringo’s got a few party packages that you can also send with the Cuban Beef Lechon.

4. SamSam CHIKIN

Photo grabbed from Samsam Chikin’s Instagram

Instead of the typical Lechong Baka, let’s try something a little Korean for our new holiday food finds. SamSam has a variety of Korean chicken flavors that’s fun to enjoy while watching our favorite K-Dramas. If that’s how we’re planning to spend the holidays with our teens and kids, then, we can order a whole bucket of SamSam CHIKIN to eat in front of the TV.

5. Bow Tie Duck

Photo grabbed from  Bow Tie Ducks’s Instagram

Looking for something fancy and new for the holiday feast? Bow Tie Duck has a lot of imported goodies for a more fancy holiday feast. This fancy food find’s got foie gras, french oysters, wagyu steak, and a whole lot more which can be given as a gift or just something you can enjoy with the family during the holidays. Their pasteurized brie with truffle works so well with any creamy pasta recipe. For corporate gifts, they have a variety of Spanish wine packages with some sausage links.

Photo grabbed from Bow Tie Ducks’s Instagram

Lots of cool, new holiday food finds this Christmas!

There’s a lot of food finds and if we can’t spend time with family in fear of COVID-19, we can still send them gifts to show our love. Or if we’re just looking for something different to switch it up, these places will definitely add some spice to our upcoming holidays. Considering that some of the holidays have turned into work days, all the more we’ll have to indulge ourselves and our families to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

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