Catch The Great Christmas Cookie Bake-Off for a Sweet Family Musical!

Catch The Great Christmas Cookie Bake-Off as it launches this November 12, 2021 to warm every family’s heart this Christmas.

Christmas musicals always offer a heartwarming message and feeling for our families. These performances help us remember that we’re not alone for the holidays. Especially now when many of us are apart, these Christmas musicals offer lighthearted laughter and heartwarming stories to help our families cope with the loneliness caused by the pandemic. Thus, the Repertoire Philippines presents The Great Christmas Cookie Bake-Off, the first Philippine Christmas musical to stream on an international platform.

Each baker relates to our kids on a more spiritual and mental level

Nothing says bonding more than a baking competition. Just like how we love the wholesomeness in MasterChef Junior, The Great Christmas Cookie Bake-Off features 8 aspiring young bakers whose distinct personalities shine in each cookie they’ve baked. Our kids and teens will probably relate with the young bakers on a more spiritual level especially if many of them are gamers, Disney lovers, and students who are struggling to find their places in the world.

Lessons on forgiveness, charity, and sportsmanship

Just like how our kids and teens deal with pressure from school and other things, The Great Christmas Cookie Bake-Off shows how each baker, from different backgrounds, copes with the pressure of competition. We know how competition and pressure can bring out the worst in people. But it’s sometimes through the worst where we also find the perfect recipe to bring out the best of ourselves.

Catch The Great Christmas Cookie Bake-Off Online!

Although the curtains fell for physical musicals for now, The Great Christmas Cookie Bake-Off will be easy to catch and stream-party with the rest of the family. Available on Broadway on Demand, the musical will start running from November 12, 2021 to December 12, 2021. Make sure to grab some tickets on ticket2me before they run out. Hope we added something fun to do online with your relatives this Christmas!

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