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Get Healthy With Jodi Sta Maria

After a quick peek at Jodi Sta Maria’s Instagram account, you’ll see that the award-winning actress is more than into health and fitness— she lives and breathes it. Hello, six-pack abs!

Say hello to HealthyFix Store Co!

Already a certified acupuncture detoxification specialist, Jodi has taken her love for all things health and wellness to the next level through her latest venture, HealthyFix Store Co., a dealership company that offers business opportunities for those who want to spread the word on sustainable living through health, beauty and wellness products.

Together with businessmen friends Nino Bautista and Red Gatus, the trio created an easy-breezy business partner platform that allows anyone to start their own wellness business. For Jodi, this business opportunity was also her way to give back, and help those who have been affected by the pandemic.

It’s all about helping those who need it most…

“It’s about giving back, extending a helping hand to those who not only want to live a healthy lifestyle but at the same time jumpstart their business. We are grateful to be given this opportunity to help and with the rising problems, we aim to provide assistance to our HealthyFix Kapartners who are financially challenged, looking for another source of income,” says Jodi.

To know more about HealthyFix Store, log on to www.healthyfixstore.com or chat via facebook.com/myhealthyfixstore

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